January 26, 2012

A couple days ago we posted on our blog that our clients are our heroes. Someone responded to that post by saying that all of our examples in our galleries were those of “perfect” women not the everyday women. She called us hypocrites.

 I would love to take this opportunity to turn a negative comment and turn it into something positive. I’d like to start by saying that yes this is true we have very beautiful
women in our portfolio. Whether or not they are mothers, models, or normal women we believe in giving everyone woman a super model experience.  We treat all our clients the same and look at each and every one of our clients as though they are whole, complete and perfect just the way they are.
We photograph normal women all the time and we strive to focus on what women love about their bodies.  We have developed ways to work with angles, light, and posing the really defines a women’s attributes in sexiest way possible. We also have a immensely talented make-up and hair team that turns anyones ordinary into extraordinary. We do everything we can for that ‘wow” factor. Yes, our images are retouched, but so is everything you see on tv and magazines. So how is it fair for women to compare themselves to models that spend hours in hair and make-up and then retouched into a doll for magazines an most media on every day basis? We do what we do because we love to make woman feel good about themselves. We love that our clients walk out of our studio with their heads held a little higher. It takes a lot of guts to undress in front of people you don’t know and share your most intimate self. It takes guts to love yourself and your flaws. It takes guts to embrace all that you are and be proud of it. Again, This is why our clients out our heroes. It does not matter if your are size 2 or size 10. We all have insecurities and body issues. All we want to do is show you that you are beautiful. I’m sorry for those who feel offended with our work, but I assure you, if you give us a try you will not regret it because you ARE perfect, whole and complete and the more you look in the mirror every day and see that and say that, the brighter you will shine and the sexier you feel.
 xx Marisa
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