Women Warriors

March 24, 2014

women warriors

Women Warriors

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

What are the things that you crave? What are you passionate about? Within all of us is a spark, and we feed the spark, we will build a fire in our souls. Our passions, our cravings, our desires exist for a reason: to fuel us, to drive us onward. As women, we are not “the weaker sex,” meant to be dominated by our peers. We are people of valor and strength.

 We are Women Warriors.

The biggest lie you have ever been told is: you can’t.

The overwhelming reality is, you can. Women throughout history have defied the odds, have stared the “impossible” in the face, and scaled it’s interminable cliffs. We have conquered, we have fought hard, and we have achieved. And we will continue to do so.

 What it Means to be a Woman Warrior

When many people think of the word “Warrior,” they think of men dressed in war paint, screaming obscenities, and charging the enemy spear in hand. But even in the most literal sense, the men didn’t fight alone. There were tribes of female warriors who fought alongside them.

In Roman times there were the Gladiatrix and the Amazons.

In medieval Scandinavia, there were the Shield Maidens

The Women of the Chinese Shang Dynasty were trained in battle.

Samurais possessed legions of Women Warriors.

In addition to these groups, there were thousands of individual women, people like Joan of Arc, who led men into battle, and were victorious. It’s only recently that society has conveniently “forgotten” these truths.

Now, in the modern era, being a “warrior” has less to do with wearing armor and charging on the battlefield, and more to do with a certain philosophy. A philosophy that stands as proof for the incredible strength of women.

The Women Warriors of today are those who aren’t willing to take “no” for an answer. They are the single mothers who work two jobs to put kids through school, and then go back to school themselves. They are the ones who grew up with unsupportive parents, only to leave home and pursue their dreams without looking back. They are the ones who end toxic relationships and take risks because they value their dignity and want to create a better life for themselves.

Women warriors persevere, take chances, and learn from their failures. They don’t let a broken heart keep them out of the game, they don’t let rejection keep them from trying again, and they don’t live their lives according to anyone’s standards but their own.

There is so much strength in you, you just have to begin to believe in your own potential. I’ll ask you again, what are you passionate about? What is causing the spark to form in you?

Find out, and set your soul on fire.

Because when everyone is saying you can’t. decide to act like a Woman Warrior, and decide

that, actually,

You Can.

 woman warriors

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