Timeless Boudoir

September 19, 2015

It’s Sunday night and I’m flying home from visiting my mom in Arizona and I get a text from my dear friend Natasha and she says, let’s take a girls trip to the desert, go to Integraton and do a sound bath for my birthday. Which is two days away. As usual, the first thing that comes to mind is, someone’s clothes have got to come off, if I’m going to the desert with all my beautiful friends. So, I ask “Who wants to get naked in the desert”?  Then my friends confirm why I love them so much and write back, “I’m in momma”, “hell yes” and “duh”!!!

After a early morning drive to Joshua Tree, a spiritual experience and a big lunch with too many margaritas, it’s time. The sun is setting fast, we still don’t know where we are shooting,  4 girls are getting ready in front of one mirror and I’m wondering if this is really going to happen. We get a tip from a strange hotel clerk and we just decide to go with it. Little did we know it was a 15 minute hike into the dunes. We finally get to the spot the wind starts roaring and sand starts blowing. It’s everywhere, but these girls are troopers, so they did what troopers do, weathered the storm and stripped naked. I can’t believe we actually got this shot. Sand was in their mouth, hair and well, just about everywhere. It was hard for them to hear me and so I just winged it.

When I got home and downloaded all the photos I was pleasantly surprised, as I did not think I got it, then I laughed at myself as I always think that. It’s so silly, because I always get the shot….

This to me is timeless boudoir at it’s finest. It tells a story, it evokes emotion and it’s ageless. It’s a shot I’ll pull out in 50 years and It will stand the test of time.

Have a great weekend!!



timeless boudoir

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