September 22, 2015

I am thrilled with the opportunity that has come my way. And I am writing to you – my ever supportive peeps to make you a part of the celebrations. I have at long last found a client who wants to get in front of my camera for the sole purpose of catharsis. And given the powerful emotions that will flow, I am ready to capture the bleeding heart, the gradual healing and the ultimate dazzling diva transformation with the wonderful theme of re-birth.

the boudoir

THE BOUDOIR WOMB:                                     

When we come to consciousness in our mother’s womb just moments before being pushed into the glory of the world, we do not understand who we are. We do not remember the hurts, betrayals, pains and disillusionments of our past incarnations. We have nothing to go by, no reference point to orient ourselves and think, ‘Hmmm…I am Marisa. And I would like to ace intimate photography as the purpose of my life’. We are just a squirming lump of sentience – capable of learning but with no history to form ‘judgements’ on.

As we cuddle in our mother’s arms, still wet with the remnants of the life giving placenta, it is a wonderfully comfortable state of being. Wrapped in her love and her joy, we find the first stirrings of life inside. We feel the need to squall and reach out for the ever nourishing nipple. And from there on, our journey starts anew. We grow and we unfold in layers. Our personality is complex driven by the myriad motivations of love, care, desire and lust!

Finally we step into our own, calling the shots, staring the world in the eyes and screaming with passion to proclaim our birthright: the right to be free, the right to be ‘unjudged’ and the right to live life to the fullest!

An intimate shoot in the boudoir can replicate this experience for you. It is a suspension of reality and logic. It is a suspension of hurt and lies. It is just this vastness that is empty, looking to you for color, love and life force. You forget your identity; the identity foisted upon you by the ‘society’ and your body dances to an ancient rhythm – painting everything in your hues…the rainbow of your personality. And as each shot is clicked, you grow… first rediscovering ‘who’ you truly are beneath the veneer of who you should be, then accepting it, rejoicing in it and then finally claiming it like a badge of merit that no one else can take away from you. The boudoir is the chrysalis. It is an alembic!


You can play with the concept all you like. Just make sure, it’s all ABOUT you!

  • Start with a couple of silhouette shots. The ones that capture the play of light and dark near your curves to hint at something beautiful. Revel in the feeling of freedom. The joy of not knowing. The joy of innocence. And the anticipation of what is to come. Often nothingness is the precursor to creation.
  • Move on to the flattering natural light and sheer textures. Know that the lens is your mother and it is cheering for you every step of the way.
  • As the shoot progresses, you evolve into the wholesome gorgeous diva. She knows she is desired yet can’t help being a coquette. Her lushness is there. But all she won’t bare.
  • The culmination can be nothing short of electric. The maturity comes in, the boldness glints from the eyes. And you willingly return to the nudeness of birth, but this time to live without inhibitions and stereotypes. The smoke and mirrors are gone. And there reposes a glamazon.

Do you dare mess with her?

I thought so…..



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