Our Boudoir Studios

We have two beautiful boudoir studios to choose from.

Choose from two incredible spaces for your boudoir adventure. Whether you want to shoot in my spacious downtown daylight loft or the one of a kind L’Cheryve studios, you will have the time of your life and you’ll get the best portraits you’ve ever had of yourself. That’s our promise!

Both unique studios allow for plenty of unique spaces in creating a completely customized sets. We are also available to travel on location if you so desire. We offer many luxury amenities in our personalized packages, you may have a personal customized shoot or you may choose to have a boudoir party where we can accommodate ALL of your friends in a fabulous way. You can create whatever you want, the sky has no limit. Whatever you can dream, we can make happen.

Welcome To Our New Boudoir Studio

LCheriyve With picturesque elegance designed to inspire luxury, my new studio at L’Cheriyve is a space that seems to have arisen out of an idealized Boudoir dream. Located just 15 minutes from downtown, LAX, Manhattan Beach and Marina Del Rey, it’s close enough to be accessible, but secluded enough to be both private and exclusive.

The Space  With 5,000 square feet of magnificently decorated space, this jaw dropping venue has it all. Luxurious furniture in an intimate setting, artistically designed rooms to fit all moods and personalities, and plenty of room to make magic happen.

Whether you’re looking to do a classic, edgy, or editorial style session, or something unique and new, Boudoir sessions at L’Cheriyve can accommodate all tastes and desires.  

The Ultimate Boudoir Experience  In a session at L’Cheriyve with Marisa Leigh, you are guaranteed the royal treatment. We hold nothing back, aiming to ensure that you have the ultimate boudoir experience. A session in this exquisite space goes hand in hand with Marisa’s personal philosophy, a “Luxury Bespoke” approach that’s both decadent and transformative.

When you step through the doors at L’Cheriyve, you are immediately swept away by the grandeur of the chambers. Each room invites you step inside into a secret place, a place for women to set aside their inhibitions and embrace their unique inner and outer beauty. A place for them to shine.

The Possibilities  With a beautiful boudoir studio like this, the possibilities are endless. Clients can take a bubble bath or get a massage after their shoot while they wait for their same day viewing of their images, they can lounge in comfort in a specially designed room while a team of makeup and hairstylists turn them into a goddess, they can draw upon their inner vixen surrounded by red velvet, or play up their sweet innocence on a bed of lace – at L’Cheriyve anything you can imagine, you can have.

 Are you ready to book the  Session you’ve always dreamt of?

Each client experience begins with a comprehensive consultation to discuss the creative vision.

To book a session or boudoir party contact us today. info@boudoirlosangeles.com

beautiful boudoir studio

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beautiful boudoir studio

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My Downtown Los Angeles Daylight Loft.

When you step into the 5500 square foot down town Los Angeles studio, you might think you have landed in the middle of a photo shoot for a fashion spread or an album cover.  With hair and make-up artists, and stylists who happen to be editorial and commercials professionals of the highest caliber, we come together will bring out the best of the best.  We make our clients every bit as glamorous as supermodels or movie stars.

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  • Su · Posted February 6, 2015 at 7:25 pm · Link · Reply

    I wanted to say how much I love the look of your studio and loft, really beautiful. Your images are simply stunning.

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