Six Sultry, Seductive and Fun Boudoir Poses for Every Body Type: Through Marisa’s Lens

March 30, 2016

Six Sultry, Seductive and Fun Boudoir Poses for Every Body Type: Through Marisa’s Lens

Every woman is dynamite! She has the power and the appeal to blow the socks off her man and create magic in a boudoir shoot.

Unfortunately though many lovely ladies harbor insecurities! They are under self-imposed pressure to match up to the improbable standards of ‘touched up’ beauty that ad campaigns purport to be true.

And as a boudoir artist it is really difficult to work with restrictions. The restrictions that somehow keep the real oomph and glamour of the essence of a woman sheathed in ridiculous notions of what intimate shots should be like. But you can’t really push the bloom. You have to wait for the self-confidence to grow and draw out the personality that sparkles. The strong woman! The muse who captivates and enthralls!

I have personally made it a habit to open my sessions with some tried and tested poses that flatter the curves and the facial perfection of my clients. And I give them a peek at the shots in real time. Oh what joy it is to see their eyes light up with delight. And from then on, there is no stopping them. The frames sizzle and the end result is phenomenal. The kind of alchemy I revel in!

#1: The Invert

It literally takes two minutes to prep this one and the focus is on the bust and the beautiful cascading tresses. The eyelashes create a soft and enticing fan on the cheeks and there is a hint of languor, of waiting to melt into the arms of the perfect lover. You can’t go wrong with the invert.

boudoir poses the invert#2: The ‘Butt’ress

This pose is so traditionally ‘hot’ that it doesn’t really need any introduction. Instead of letting the derriere hog all the attention though, the tastefully arranged door lends a peek-a-boo sort of feel, part naughty, part wild. Totally enchanting! Just make sure that the right kind of lingerie is at hand to reveal the twins in their full glory.

boudoir poses

#3: The V

This is blatantly suggestive – And despite the sharp angles and curves, not a pain to pull off. The pose guides the stare automatically – from the seductive smile to the swell of the breasts to the slant of the waist to the secrets down below. It is a treat for any man.

boudoir poses

#4: The Sheet Feat

Who said skin show defines a boudoir shoot? It is the spirit of the clicks that matter and this pose is an all-time favorite. What you don’t reveal seals the deal. The delicate arch of the neck poised so gracefully on the strong shoulders and the hint of cleavage brings out that ‘Oops, this might drop at any moment’ coquetry. No lady will ever object to such a sweet meets sexy proposition. Me likes!

boudoir poses the sheet

#5: The Wave

When in doubt, allow the body to undulate and the effect is instantly mesmerizing. From the perspective of a shutterbug, this pose has so much going for it. The neck finds length and the face glows in relief. If the mid-riff is a problem area or a source of consternation, the well positioned thigh takes care of insecurities. The pointed toes are oh so balletic. A 10/10 shot that always gets the ‘Oh wow, is that me?’

Bonus points if the interplay of light and shadow can be used to advantage on this one!

boudoir poses

#6: The Veiled Threat

How can a compilation of classic boudoir poses ever be complete without a wedding shot? I adore the ‘veiled’ threat. It gives ladies who aren’t ready to bare it all something to cover their modesty with. But here is the positively evil twist – the gauzy, white, pristine virginal wedding veil only makes the click that much more provocative! It begs desecration – of the passionate type! Go figure the rest….

boudoir poses the veilboudoir poses

I have a lot of aces up my sleeve. But these gems happen to be the choicest from my collection. Wannabe intimate photographers take note and put the ladies who walk into your studio at ease. Ladies, take heart, no matter what you believe is amiss from your perfect boudoir experience, these poses can plug in the gaps swimmingly well.

Till next time!

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