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June 19, 2015


Sometimes I do competitor research. Yup, I am guilty of looking up dry and prosaic statistics about page visits and site rank and the rest of the shebang! A couple of days ago I was perusing through the works and the virtual presence of my peers. And something struck me as repetitive. The word is ‘Life Changing’. Yes, everybody claims a boudoir session is transformative and life altering. I am guilty of this crime as well.

And they do it because intimate photography truly has a way of putting you in touch with your personal power. There is something so empowering about not being ‘judged’. About being in the open battle scars and all! So the use of this adjective is not unwarranted.

But what is missing is a detailed break-down of the ‘How’. How is your boudoir shoot going to spread its influence across other areas of your life?

So I, with my rebel attitude, want to do just that. Demystify the concept so that you and other women have an easier time embracing the experience. After all a session is an investment. And you must know exactly what you will get out of it – over and above the sensual pictures!


I talk a lot about this because I believe in the injustice of stereotypes so firmly! Because of retouched images being passed as ‘natural’, most of us would like our bodies to be different. Slimmer, fuller or maybe no freckles! A boudoir session takes away the crutch of support systems like granny panties to hide some tummy sag or stockings to mask those stretch marks. You have no option but to present yourself as who you are, not who the world wants you to be. And once you step out of your comfort zone of hiding your supposed flaws, you realize ‘What the f****!! There is no such thing as perfection!’

This leaves you free to take risks, gamble and live a much fuller life than ever before. I don’t have to list the signs for you. The shift will be subtle but intrinsic. There is no way you will miss your change in attitude.


Many clients come seeking my services because of referrals from their friends and family. If you choose to share your boudoir experience with other women, you will realize that doubt and anxiety keep so many of them from booking a session and experiencing freedom. You will stand for a bold step taken. You will be the inspiration they need. And the circle of liberation will continue!


Every woman has fantasies. She wants to be powerful, beautiful and magical. An intimate photography session is the perfect way to actualize some of them. In a friendly and safe setting you get to be a movie star capable of inspiring love and lust with a look. Or you are the dangerous Mata Hari who kills with her seductions. It truly is all about you! And once you indulge your whims and fancies, you take that frame of mind to your career and to your social life as well. You literally bloom and at the end of the day, have no regrets.


Authentic self sounds ‘woo woo’. But it is a state of being in which you know exactly who you are and take stock of your actual strengths and weaknesses.

A boudoir session facilitates this awakening. As your photographer gently coaxes you to explore emotions and roles you have never tried, you understand what you can accept and what crosses the line. Without society’s false parameters of right and wrong! And it serves you in so many different ways. Trust me!

Most people step into my studio skeptical and walk out changed. Intimate shoots aren’t over-hyped. Somewhere between the 3rd glass of champagne and the 17th shot, you wake up to yourself. And to your self-confidence!

grow with boudoir

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