No Place for Fear

July 23, 2014

No Place for Fear in Your Photography Business

The only thing separating you from the life you’ve always dreamt of is YOU.

It’s not your bank account, your family, your past, your friends, or anything else that you can think of.  The only one standing in the way of your success is you, and your fear of your own greatness.

There’s something inherent in all of us, especially in women, but we do so many things to make ourselves seem smaller, less significant.  We apologize forty times a day for things we have no need to apologize for, we step aside and let others take the glory (even if we’ve done most of the work), and we put our dreams on hold because we’re “not pretty enough” or “not smart enough” or in our own eyes just simply “not enough.”

But here’s the truth, ladies and gentleman.  You are enough.  Once you start truly believing that there is nothing on earth that has any likelihood of standing in your way, nothing will.

Think back to the first time you held a camera in your hands.  Each of our stories is different, but if you consider yourself a photographer, then you know the connection you feel with that piece of equipment and your personal creativity.  Over time you gained confidence, started to build up your portfolio, and maybe even found a few clients.

But something has happened recently.  You’ve hit a wall, afraid to take the necessary steps to promote your business and find more clients, afraid to put yourself out there because you might fail at it…or even worse, you might succeed.

Did you hear me??  You might succeed.

I encourage you to silence those negative voices in your mind and embrace the gift that you’ve been given.  Tell yourself, “I will not be afraid.  There’s no place for fear in my photography business.”

No place for fear at all.

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