the future is female

January 21, 2017

My mind. My Body. My Freedom. Women’s Rights Are HuMan Rights  and I will not give in and I will not give up.

the future is female

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Hearts on Fire

January 19, 2017

Over the last couple months I’ve been doing some much needed personal work. It’s been way too long since I’ve really dug a little deeper into the special place that just wants to create art for myself. Not for social media, not for my clients, not for promotion, just me.

Since dance was my first love, I have always wanted to come back and introduce it to my second love. I think I owe it that much. I don’t know why the I waited so long to explore for dance photography, but I guess the moment is now, so you will be seeing lots of new fresh work. Yay!! I know  I’m sure you love seeing all the sexy ladies on my posts, but if you are anything like me, you’ll think these images are just as sexy. I mean what could be sexier than a beautiful strong women, moving her body through the air with so much grace you can’t believe it’s possible.

Dance is a conversation about body and soul and experiencing a great dancer’s agility, form, and emotion feels like my hearts on fire, burning with passion for every breath I take.

I think Rumi describes it best to me

Dancing is not just getting up painlessly,

like a leaf

blow on the wind;

dancing is where you tear your heart out

and rise out of your body

to hang suspended between two worlds.

Hearts on Fire

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Mirror, Mirror

January 14, 2017

Dear you, Make peace with the woman in the mirror and watch the reflection change.

mirror boudoir

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white sheets boudoir promo

January 13, 2017

white sheets boudoir promowhite sheets boudoir promo

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Boudoir Couple Poses to Sizzle the New Year

January 12, 2017

Boudoir Couple Poses to Sizzle the New Year

Can you believe how fast 2016 passed us by?

We are already standing on the verge of the New Year with a clean slate waiting promises and commitments.

For most couples this can be a trying time. The expenses of Christmas shopping, the need to sync calendars and the constant pressure of appearing perfect on social media!

Nerves do tend to get frayed.

And this is why a couple’s boudoir session is the ideal way to leave the frenzy behind and spend some quality time “cherishing” each other.

If you haven’t taken the couple’s plunge into intimate photography yet, a world of surprises – all pleasant – awaits.

You can not only renew your vows of love by stripping away the layers of ego, neediness or restraint. You can also have some beautifully shot clicks to celebrate your togetherness throughout the year.

Boudoir Couple Poses to Sizzle the New Year

Couple’s Boudoir Is Versatile: 

Boudoir has been accepted as a popular mainstream photography trend.

But the hesitance that plagued women in the early days has transferred itself to the question of couples’ shoots. Misinterpretation of what a typical session should look like is rampant. Yes, some duos do opt for the wild semi-pornographic clicks. And it is their decision. But you don’t have to bare what you aren’t comfortable doing.

So here is my list of top 5 gentle and romantic poses that you can test the waters with.

1. The Romantic 69

Nope, this one isn’t the accepted “69”. It is the mellow and more tender version where you assume the classic pose but your significant other kisses your neck and you in turn kiss his. It is a message of mutual love and an intermingling of souls. Captured in black and white with some soft light it can be a click to treasure. Boudoir Couple Poses to Sizzle the New Year

2. The Playful Grab 

Just a teeny bit naughtier, this one has you in your laciest sexiest garter with your derriere to the camera. The bottom is the “highlight”. Your man can be in the background suitably blurred with his hand grasping one of the soft mounds. You may be feeling a little awkward with this public display of affection but the fact that your face doesn’t show makes it exciting. 

3. The “Own Me” Chair 

A glamorous pose to say the least! You can don a pair of worn jeans and hitch yourself around your partner’s waist, resting your bottom on his hands. Look deep into each other’s eyes and let bare skin against skin speak of your passion. You can’t lose with this one.


4. Ever Thine, Ever Mine 

Snuggle up against your partner till you are positioned between his legs. Your back should touch his chest. Now lay your hands- intertwined with your partner’s- on your belly and let the photographer focus on the lacefingers.A perfect pose for newbies who don’t want to bring it all to the studio!


5. The Close Up Moment 

Simple and beautiful – kiss away and have it documented in a stunning, clear shot for the rest of eternity. Never goes out of style.

As you work with each other and find the joy and happiness, your inhibitions will fall away. The blossoming always happens! But till you step into your groove, the five poses I have here will keep you engaged and playful. 

*Check out the recent article I wrote for the Huffington Post,  COUPLE’S BOUDOIR: RE-IGNITE YOUR PASSION

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