Miss Malibu

October 30, 2014

A couple years ago I photographed all 50 contestants for the annual Miss Malibu competition. I shot all of them in a two crazy fun days. I don’t think I ever blogged them up before so I thought it would be fun to bring a few of my favorites back to life. I must have gone through about 500 poses on each of those days. Miss Malibu was a fun challenge for me because I have never shot 25 girls on the beach in one day. I had to move quick and and I had to nail each one in less than 10 min. That can be hard when you are working with normal girls that don’t know their body that well and are having a had time posing and being natural. I needed to coach them quickly and effectively to get them relaxed and to get that sweet shot.

Shooting on the beach is seriously tough work. Who does not want to shoot sexy girls on the beach, but seriously, the wind, the sand, the harsh light, the glare. Ugh.. Especially on a windy day! Stay aways or ruin your gear or have proper casing.

Thank god for shade! I used the bridge a lot during yucky mid day flat light and it saved me. I wanted to use all natural light, so I diffused the light with a 5×5 silk and when I was in the sun and I bounced it with a silver reflector to give the nice pop in the eyes.

Miss Malibu was a blast to shoot and I’m so happy I got the chance to do it. I was able to train my skills on setting up shots fast. It only made me a better photographer, a better poser and of course these lovely photographs.

If you have always wanted to shoot on the beach, I’m your girl! Book a shoot info@boudoirlosangeles.com

Side Note. I’d like do something a little sexier too so I need a client that wants to go for it! You should be it!

miss malibu photoshoshoot

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