How to Take a Great Selfie

September 26, 2013

 “You’ve gotta love yourself enough to look INSIDE you & not BESIDE you for your joy, confidence, & self worth.” – Mandy Hale


 You are a wonderful creature, and sometimes you just need to share that fact. When there’s no one else to take your picture, and help you show the world (or that special someone) just how good you look, you have to do it yourself. But how do you capture the moment, and take a great shot of yourself that’s worthy of sharing?

 Here are few tips:

 1. No Duck Lips

 We’ve all seen the unflattering bathroom mirror shots girls post from nightclubs or wherever they happen to be at the time, their lips curled up in a kissy face that looks makes them look like poultry.  Resist the temptation. Your face is beautiful as it is, there’s no need to distort it.

 2. Go Easy on the Flash

 A lot of camera phone default settings have flash on auto. Unless you’re in a room that’s actually dark, you don’t really need the flash. This is especially true if you’re taking a mirror shot. The flash will wash out your features, or hide you behind a blinding white light.  Your best bet is to turn the flash off auto, and keep flash usage to a minimum.

3.  Check Your Environment

 Before you take the shot, look behind you! You don’t want a pile of dirty clothes ruining your picture.  Selfie Like Nobody’s Watching  You’re by yourself, there’s no reason to make boring faces or be self-conscious. You should have fun! Take a few with different poses and choose the best one.

4. Don’t Over-Selfie

 In the world where pictures are their own form of communication, don’t oversaturate your social media contacts with pictures you’ve taken of yourself. Select and post the best ones, the ones that you’re proud of. You’ll thank yourself later!

5. Get creative. Maybe incoperate things he likes.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to hit your mark.


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