How to Pick Lingerie for Your Boudoir Shoots

December 28, 2016

Okay ladies. It is time to ditch all pretense of doing boudoir for reasons other than sheer excitement and pleasure. Here is our new guide on How to Pick Lingerie for Your Boudoir Shoots

I love it when you use intimate photography to commemorate important milestones and decisions. It shows you are empowered and or working towards it.

But I love it even more when you walk up to me and express the not so noble desire of seducing the man in your life. That is what brings the exciting glint to my eyes.

So without further ado, let me give you a guide to choosing amazing lingerie that will up the SQ (Seduction Quotient) of your boudoir clicks.

Preparation: Know Your Body Type 

Ill-fitting clothes have a bad rep.

Technically we are at fault because we do not choose items that complement our curves. What looks hideous on someone else may make you shine like a queen. It is all about respecting your body type, dressing according to it and not giving a flying damn about society and its inane “beauty” rules.

So stand up straight and let’s examine your figure:

  • Is your bust more or less of the same size as your derriere with a well-defined waist? Forget sizes here. I am taking proportions. If yes, then you are an Hourglass.
  • Is your bust larger than your waist with strong broad shoulders? You are an Apple.
  • Is your derriere larger than your bust? You are a Pear.
  • Are you pretty straight and slender from the shoulder to the hips? You are a Rectangle.

Disclaimer: This is a rough and general guideline. If you start researching you will come across 8 to 16 different body types and sizes.

Caveat: Don’t make the mistake of believing one body type is better than another. Why would you wear clothes that flatter an Hourglass when you are an Apple? You have your own special brand of jazz.

Pick Your SQ Pumping Lingerie 

For Hourglasses: Make sure that you do not hide those assets. Anything form fitting is ideal for you. Invest in sexy chemises in silk, lace or satin. Garter chemises are also a good choice and will skyrocket the sizzle factor. Teddies make you look like an innocent seductress. You have a diverse pool to pick from.

For Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. In this case your boudoir photographs will keep your man’s woes away. For a very long time! You can go two ways depending on whether you want to highlight or tone down the bust. Any negligees or chemises with A-line necks will put the spotlight on those curves. An item like a baby doll on the other hand is form fitting but flowing at the same time and will provide balance for your figure. 

For Pears: You are rocking the trend set by Beyonce and J.Lo. So flaunt your booty with pride. Girdles are amazing. They tuck in any little bulges around the mid-section but allow your fabulous derriere to grab attention. Pear body types also lend themselves to bright jewel tones like divas.

For Carrot: Svelte and taut, you need to display your entire frame. It is injustice if you don’t! Go for body stockings. Yes they are bold. But you have the arsenal to pull it off. Don’t hide behind a robe or traditional garters. They just break the flow of your physique and distract from your elegance. Experiment!

You might want to check out my post on Boudoir make-up to complement your lingerie firepower.

Set the temperature soaring. I promise your guy will not complain even when it gets searing hot!

Love, Marisa

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