Harnessing the power of the moon

January 29, 2014

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The power of the moon is more powerful than you might think.

Have you ever stopped to look up at the moon and suddenly became mesmerized by the beauty of it?

It’s an extraordinary thing, the moon. But did you know that the phases can have an impact on your mood?

Although not an exact science, studies have shown that the phases of the moon can have an impact on our well-being, our energy, and our self-confidence.

Sound crazy? Well, believe it or not human beings used to not tell time by calendars or order their days with the help of electricity. We used things like the sun, the moon, and the stars to help us create a sense of order and importance, to help us create balance. Also, the moon has a direct impact over bodies of water, and although the influence is slight, this counts for human beings as well – because we are 70% water!

The Lunar Effect The moon moves in a continuous orbit around the earth, making a full cycle approximately once a month.

During this length of time it goes through several phases from new to full and back again.

Each phase brings with it it’s own set of possibilities, making some things easier to do than at other times of the month.

The New Moon provides a spirit of fresh beginnings and calmness. During this period, the sky is dark and the moon is not visible in the sky, allowing for the brightest viewing of stars. The new moon is also the time when we are at our strongest, our most confident.

The balance created by the calmness gives us the strength we need to begin new projects and take risks we normally would be afraid to take. This feeling extends into the arrival of the slight crescent moon in the first quarter of the monthly cycle. The waxing Half Moon has a tendency to slow down progress, helping us begin to conclude projects we’ve been working on.

The Full Moon, notorious for causing a sense of craziness and insomnia, is actually the creative peak of the cycle when collective energy is at its highest and we feel alternately stressed to the max or gloriously accomplished. It can also give us the final jolt of productivity we need to finish those tasks we started during the new moon.

The waning Half Moon, which takes place in the latter half of the cycle, is a sleepier time, one which exists to restore the body and makes typically boring or tedious tasks possible. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time meditating or cleaning out your closets, readying your home and your mind for the next new moon.

In our weird society we find it so easy to forget the pull of nature and just go-go-go no matter what our instincts tell us. The lights are on, we should be too right! Not necessarily. It is the acceptance of our relationship to the earth and to these celestial bodies that will make us more contented and more productive, not our resistance.

The next new moon begins on Friday, January 30th, the beginning of the best time to not only book a boudoir session (just in time for Valentine’s Day), but to take on a new project you’ve been putting off for some time.




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