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Couture and boudoir converge into fine art images with Marisa Leigh.

Marisa Leigh is a professional photographer who has has always been on a mission:  To portray authentic women at their most beautiful…. capturing  confidence, elegance and that which is effortlessly sexy.

Marisa seeks to reinvent the boudoir genre with a ” luxury bespokeapproach that draws from her lengthy experience in editorial  and commercial fashion.

Marisa Leigh is a graduate of the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. She has worked with high  profile clients such as Maxim magazine, Geffen Time Warner Records and Teen Vogue.

 She has spent ten years in an industry where the expert magicians of hair, make-up, lighting and lens converge…. to create and transform.

This alchemy is used to often create something that “isn’t” rather than focusing on the “true self” of the model. Marisa Leigh Photo replaces “role playing” with “role models”.  She is passionate about bringing real women… the mothers, the models, the twenty-somethings, the sixty-somethings, the survivors, the teachers, the dreamers, the do-ers, and above all, the heroes before her camera lens….encouraging and supporting them to be bold, confident and beautiful.

No two subjects are ever alike, therefore, this especial photographic experience with

Boudoir Los Angeles is customized and highly collaborative. First, there is a pre-production meeting with the client; followed up with vision boards in keeping with the client’s personal style and purpose; directions for wardrobe, setting, lighting and mood; concluding with an ensemble of hair, make-up and styling professionals that will assist to execute the vision decided upon.

The resulting museum quality images are timeless, tasteful and make exquisite gifts for both the recipient and the giver. The moment a client steps into Marisa Leigh’s studio, they are surrounded by a 5500 square foot daylight filled loft in downtown Los Angeles, and a transformative and empowering experience begins. We also have a new location please click here to check out our new exclusive studio.

 Marisa is also available to travel to a location the client may prefer.

Please contact us at info@boudoirlosangeles or at our website for more info.

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