June 22, 2015

bridal boudoir

Bridal boudoir…. a little about one of the favorite kind of intimate photography session that I have with my young and vibrant clients!

I think all my readers know that I did wedding photography – the conventional kind – for a quite a few seasons. The rushing around, the tiredness, the jostling for the perfect angle and obviously the Hors d’oeuvres shoved in my face had me running for cover in a hot second!

As I sip champagne in my cool posh studio, I reminisce about the days gone by and thank my decision to make the transition to the art I pursue now. But the dramatic change in the quality of my life and the feeling of satisfaction with my career are not the only reasons why I am a boudoir evangelist and I advocate a session for every bride to be. The reasons are more fundamental, intangible and well altruistic because bridal intimate photography is truly a once in a life time opportunity!


It makes perfect sense. A wedding is the D-day for most women. It is something they dream about and plan for with detail and enthusiasm. And they pay due attention to their own bodies in the process. It is so easy to go over the grooming to-dos with a bride to be. She is primed up for visual coverage and has spent literally hours perfecting her figure, her skin and her hair.

Brides glow! And this glow is enhanced by the deep joy and true happiness she feels inside. It is only fair that they have the expertise of a professional photographer who can capture their gorgeousness with tenderness and truth for all of posterity.

You are at your best beautiful just before your wedding! Capitalize on it and take a peek at what hubby dearest is getting for life.


Intimate photography sessions never need to be overtly sexual. They are more ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ instead of in your face and crude. Just go over the images in my gallery if you do not believe me! But the pose, the lingerie and the setting don’t really matter when it comes to the transformation inside. For some ladies an exposed thong may be a bold step in the direction of empowerment and for some women extreme boudoir may not be enough. The real magic happens in the head. When you step out of your comfort zone, you revel in your own glory and start living a regret free, fuller life. This confidence just before marriage can work wonders for your relationship. You take control of who you are – a mature, sensual woman who knows what she wants and how far she is willing to go. In a sense bridal boudoir is a rite of passage. From being a girl to blazing womanhood!


Most brides court my camera with the intention of ‘wowing’ their prospective grooms. But what many women do not realize is the real value of this precious gift. Gifting shots of such intimate candor and vulnerability to your significant other stands for a symbolic throwing down of the guard. It is akin to inviting him into your world and taking the initiative of showing him your authentic self. It is more than anything, a mark of trust. And a promise of beautiful moments shared together over the coming 50 years! Nothing else comes even close. Trust me!

If you are still in two minds about your bridal boudoir session, hit “Add Comment” and spill the beans. We have a lovely community of women supporting and advising each other here. We will resolve your doubts for you!

Till then,


bridal boudoir bridal boudoir

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