August 21, 2015

Life does strange things to us. It somehow puts a veneer of mundane on even the most thrilling of things. Where once a single touch could make you melt in a frenzy of passion, now you may lie apart and think about the kids, the bills and the mortgage. And sadly not being hemmed in by wedlock isn’t a guarantee to a lifetime of excitement and first blush romance.

Being disconnected isn’t something that happens only after years of togetherness. It can eat away at a budding young relationship as well. I have seen it happen so many times. When you lock a lady in a room with a camera, confessions fly left, right and center. I sometimes joke that I am a bartender without the drinks when it comes to lending the proverbial ‘sympathetic’ ear!

But there is an easy way to cover the growing distance in a few strides…um clicks. And we call it couples boudoir.

couples boudoir

Couples Boudoir: What Does the Experience Involve?

Intimate photography really takes on new meaning when significant others give voice to their love, their dedication, their commitment and their quirks and play out their fantasies without inhibitions.

The promise of empowerment that defines boudoir for women is replaced by fun, playfulness and underlying eroticism and the result is often explosive, always gratifying. The shoots that I have arranged for couples have left me thankful for the power of my art – The ability to bring two individuals closer together and gift them once in a lifetime memories to have and to cherish.

And no, the men do not feel awkward or hesitant. They derive strength from their partners and allow the session to run its natural course. I find couples suggesting lovely, innovative, fresh poses that speak volumes about their relationships. Couples boudoir albums are beautiful snapshots of the different facets of people in love.

Couples Boudoir as Wedding Mementoes:

Yes future brides and grooms do come seeking an adventurous romp when they opt for intimate photography packages. But what they leave with is a deeper understanding of how life with each other might be. They see their partner in vulnerability and in love. In shyness and in wanton abandon! And they get to be a part of each and every second. I personally feel the experience is just as poignant as a set of wedding vows!! Many may not agree but I know those who actually step in front of my camera with neither ego nor biases, most certainly do.

Couples Boudoir Re-Kindles the Flames:

I encourage women who rave about a boudoir engagement with me to bring their spouses and partners along. Because I know flagging spirits and idling embers of intimacy can be revived in a tender embrace. Couples boudoir stands for everything that is wonderful and scared in a relationship. It is the perfect excuse to remember why you fell in love with your significant other in the first place. And as the clicks pile up, the chemistry goes from uncertain to confident to sizzling!

This is what I do. This is what I obsess over and this is my purpose in life. I have dedicated many long years to perfecting my craft and my experience is rich with triumphs and tender moments. Yet, I learn something new every time I focus my lens and pore over the life and journey of two souls intertwined.

Try it for yourself. You will thank me later.


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