Boudoir Client Feature-Christi the great

March 4, 2014

Happy Monday! This weeks boudoir client feature I’m excited to say is a lovely friend of mine.

It’s late November in the Dominican Republic.  Two fabulous days ago, I shot Christi and Markus’s beautiful wedding on a private Punta Cana beach.

I can’t believe I’m here. It’s been five years since I met this amazing women in Los Angeles while she was pursing a career in acting.

She came into my studio to get some of my amazing headshots, and from the moment she walked in, I was in love with her bright and adventurous spirit. I had only been in Los Angeles for a few years and found it rare to find awesome chicks like Christi, and luckily she felt the same about me.

We started our friendship hiking in the Los Angeles hills and talked about our love of travel and the constant, never ending itch to get the hell out of town and follow our dreams. We were both world travelers and had a deep love and thirst for worldly knowledge. It was late 2008 and the economy had just gone to shit.

Fed up with Los Angeles, Christi decided she was going to Costa Rica for a six month adventure. Little did I know she would meet the man of her dreams, move to Basil and to Switzerland, and never come back home.

Christi and I only got to hang out a handful of times before she left, but magically we remained in contact over the past six years.

She called me a year ago and informed me she was getting married in Punta Cana and she wanted me there to photograph the wedding.

So here we are in paradise celebrating love, travel and new adventures.

Christi was fed up with Los Angeles men, a job she could not stand to do anymore, and she knew something was missing so she did something about it.  Look at her now: She is living in an incredible place, has an amazing group of diverse friends, found the love of her life and has a career she loves.

It takes courage to move to a new country, alone, leave it all behind and follow your heart.

But when you do take the chance and do the scary thing, it somehow always works out.

I was so thrilled when Christi told me she would love to do a boudoir session as a surprise gift to her new husband.

It was a Saturday afternoon. We were chilling on the beach, having drink after drink, and we were waiting for the right moment for Markus to disappear for a bit so we could make our exit.

When it was time, we head up to the room.

A boudoir shoot it’s not something most people have done before so in the beginning they are nervous, but Christi, like the champ I know her to be, naturally handled it like a pro. I got a lot of amazing, naughty stuff that I can’t share with you, but luckily I got permission to give you some exclusive access to few of my favorite.

Thank you, Christi, for being such an amazing friend, for trusting me, flying me out there to be a special part of your big day and perfect wedding. I’m so lucky to have you in my life and thank you for being brave, following your heart and leading your life with faith instead of fear. You will always be an inspiration to me. Don’t ever forget how strong you are!

ChristiMarkus.PuntaCana.Wedding-4129E_Stompdestination boudoirdestination boudoirdestination boudoir

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