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bubbles and boudoir

August 25, 2016

I always get excited about bubbles and boudoir time. What better way to end your shoot than with warm bubbly bath some fragrant candes and a glass of champagne! You feel fabulous, you look fabulous, and the photos are always fabulous!!!

bubbles and boudoir

bathtub boudoir

bubbles and boudoir


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Best of the best bridal boudoir

June 29, 2016

It’s that time of year again! Weddings, weddings, and more wedding. It’s been a busy few months shooting all my June and July brides and  I know they are eagerly awaiting the moment where they finally get share their very special gift with their husband to be.

As you can imagine a lot of brides don’t want to share their sexy bridal boudoir photos with the world, so I often don’t get to show of some of my favorite images, which can be pretty sad, to be totally honest. But let’s be clear, I totally understand and respect my clients decision. Above all boudoir los angeles is an exclusive studio and my clients privacy is number numero uno. I often hope that maybe someday they will give me the ability to post them, but I have to accept that sometimes of the beautiful images I just create will only be seen by a few eyes.  And so it is….

So around this time I like to do a little recap of some of my favorite and best bridal boudoir sessions I did this year. These are the amazing generous clients that are willing to share their beautiful bridal boudoir images in the name of art! I am forever grateful!

best bridal boudoir

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Get Your Fiancé a Gift He Will Never Forget with a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

June 24, 2016

I am used to being thanked by brides.

But the other day something rather strange and touching happened.

I got an email from a man.

Before you start making conjectures, let me clear the air a bit.

Nathan (name mentioned with permission), is the proud and lucky husband of one of my bridal boudoir ladies. He told me that the first thing on his mind when he got home from the honeymoon is to contact the woman who had transformed his wife and that it was a job superbly done.

I Remember Emily……

Because she was very hesitant about stepping in front of the camera. More so than usual! She had undergone an appendicitis operation and even though the scarring was minimal, she hadn’t been able to shed what she called ‘the post op weight’ in time for the wedding. She kept saying, ‘Should I be doing this? My finance is a professional model and he is really ripped and in shape! I don’t want to end up looking foolish.”

And I kept iterating the mantra I know stills every jittery boudoir heart.

You look amazing darling. Trust me. Your husband is a lucky man.”

By the time the shoot ended, Emily was in a much better place about her insecurities. Her raw shots had blown her away. I had purposely chosen a very vintage and classy look for the entire session to complement her innate grace and charm. The end result in low lighting and black and white was EPIC!

Before leaving, she handed me her number and promised me referrals.

It was a good day!

But Nathan’s Take Gave Me a Whole New Perspective:

I am sure most of you know by now that bridal boudoir makes for a great pre-honeymoon or wedding night gift. And why shouldn’t it be? Every man wants to drown in the lust meets love fantasy that a well done intimate photography session weaves. It is the perfect start to exploring and rediscovering each other post the matrimonial vows.

But I had never really dug deeper.

According to Nathan, the Emily that stepped out of my studio was a changed woman. He had expected to battle a lot of her consciousness around her increased weight and the supposed loss of her proportionate figure.

But the feisty woman who took him on the most enthralling and satisfying week long Hawaiian sojourn he could have ever hoped for had no trace of diffidence. She was an unapologetic nymph at complete peace with her body. And she made him fall in love with her again and again.

Gift Your Husband the Real You:

Choose to get an intimate bridal photography session done, you go beyond revealing your sexy side to your life partner. Under the skillful treatment of your boudoir photographer you slowly set aside your inhibitions, your fears, your apprehensions around who you are and what you mean to your significant other. And replace the restrictions with confidence, poise and a zest for life.

What your husband gets is a sneak peek into the treasures that await him on the honeymoon and an empowered woman who is more than happy to guide him to the delights.

That kind of gift makes memories for a lifetime

bridal boudoirou

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Boudoir Client Feature

May 13, 2016

Just look at this lovely bride to be! Lucky me right! I love my clients so much!!!

boudoir client feature
boudoir client featureboudoir client featurebridal boudoir client featurebridal boudoir client feature



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September 9, 2015

When the untimely tunnel accident claimed Lady D’s life, I was too young to understand the sorrow of the world. But I do remember one headline that seared itself on my mind.


Grace is Lost!”

It wasn’t until I took to wielding the camera and discovering the hidden beauty of the female form that those few words became crystal clear to me. Princess Diana was the embodiment of grace and elegance. She was the icon of spontaneous finesse, one that doesn’t need to be taught but comes from having a personality that is gracious, warm, loving and open. I have gone in search of this elusive quality and the results have been mixed. Sometimes my portraits and intimate shoots have reflected this quality that is eloquent even in silence. And often all the props and filters in the world have fallen short of true grace.

I think grace is rather like the famous ‘muse’ that writers talk of so often. It must choose you. It must allow itself to be captured from the aura and being of the subject for perusal by posterity. Grace in intimate shoots takes proceedings to the next level and like all invaluable assets is chimeric.

But First Let Me Vent Some Acid!

Whenever I hit the keyboard with a longer piece, it is because I have something important to say. Something that I believe is stereotypical and derogatory. And this time around it is an article. I won’t name any names because the intent of the author wasn’t sinister. The piece was not created to spark controversy. It was a humdrum listicle in a ‘How To’ format. And the topic happened to be ‘Grace’.

It was geared to dispense advice around how women can be graceful. I had a feeling of intense irritation right away. Okay, so women aren’t born graceful? They need to acquire grace. Is that it? Well then how do you explain the dramatic transformations I witness in my studio every single day? When the hesitation and gaucheness fall off leaving a nymph ready to sizzle and steam?

It got worse however. The suggestions started with the openly presumptuous statement, “If you are not ready to pose and pout in front of the mirror and pick out your flaws, you may have a hard time being graceful” (paraphrased obviously!)

So ladies with ‘flaws’ are not graceful. Well then I guess nobody is graceful and the attribute really died with Princess D.

The true essence of grace is not perfection in terms of style, deportment and posture. It comes from the beauty of the soul. It comes from being comfortable in your skin and your surroundings. As a photographer I have a very keen sense of observation. And often times I see more grace in the bent back of a homeless woman than I see in the artificial, mechanical movements of runway stunners. Maybe this is my perspective, but I somehow believe that my readers agree with me.

The tips I am sharing now aren’t going to ‘make’ you graceful. They are just add-ons to create the perfect setting to capture and enhance your innate grace. And trust me, you have it woman!

Black and White Shots: Nothing personal against color. But black and white, shadows and blurred filters somehow mute everything else around the subject and bring out the true grace that shines within.


Understated Accessories: Props make or break an intimate shoot. When grace has to take center stage, make sure that your accessories are classic items of style. A sheer silk stocking in black, a pair of Louboutins with the signature red soles or even gloves and a choker…they all somehow harken back to softer and easier times when grace was the crowning glory of women.

dirty pretty thingsArt Inspired Silhouettes: I love extreme boudoir. It is empowering as hell. But when the question is capturing ‘grace’, I go with Art Inspired smooth flowing silhouettes. Less is more here because we are in search of something that is hard to pin-point. It is either there in a shot or it isn’t. Demurely crossed legs, the famous ‘shifting sheet’ or the shy body wrap all lend themselves fantastically well to the end result we are looking to achieve.

bridal boudoir

The next time you come across a woman who emanates so much grace that it affects everyone around, understand that you too have it within your soul. You need a nudge to let it flow or maybe the dispassionate eye of the camera to get acquainted with your own elegance.

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