Boudoir Q&A: Make Me Look Like a Model

April 29, 2016

Boudoir Q&A:

Q: Can you make me look like the “models” on your site?

modern muse

A: Most of the women I work with aren’t professional models. I know it looks like it, but I promise they are not. This includes the photos on the website. Yes, a few of them are models, but 90% are not. These women are real people — mothers, wives, fiancées, girlfriends, elemtary teachures, social workers, computer programers, you get the point!  All these women have dreams and insecurities, just like you and me, and every one of them is beautiful and unique. Boudoir photography is designed to bring out the best side of you, so that you FEEL and look fabulous in your photographs.

Every woman deserves to have the super model experience and with the right light, hair, make-up, posing, retouching, and of course the right photographer, I believe every woman can look just like the celebrities in the magazines they read. In the 12 years of being a professional photographer here in Los Angeles, I have been worked with models, celebrities and I have shot for magazines. I know what goes into making someone look incredible, and I know how to achieve it! 

I can promise you 2 things without a doubt in my mind! I can promise you that you will love your boudoir images. I can promise you will love them so much, that it will be hard to choose. And I can promise that you will walk about from this intimate experience loving every moment of it! That is my guarantee!

XX Marisa

beautiful boudoir

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