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November 21, 2016

Do you retouch images?

Many woman end up on my site and think that I just photograph perfect woman, which is not true. I bring perfection to my work. I’ve been honing my retouching and editing skills for 10 plus years, so not only do you get an amazing photographer, you get extremely skilled retoucher.

I love retouching! I love retouching. Let me say it again, I love retouching. There are many photographers that don’t believe in it, or believe altering photos is a lie or maybe they just say that because they don’t know what they are doing??? Here’s the dealio, everything we look at in magazines, advertisements, even on film and tv is retouched and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s not fair, I know, so I like to think I give an ordinary women an experience where I get to level the playing field. A chance to feel and look like she just walked off of a magazine cover shoot. The lighting, posing, photography, make-up, hair and retouching all working in alignment. Showing her that she can be just as beautiful as the people she sees everyday. That is my goal! So, hell yes, I retouch my images and I make my clients look STUNNING!

Check out more of my before and afters!

Boudoir reotouching

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