Boudoir Q & A

October 25, 2016

How do you keep your boudoir images fresh and unique?

Not one woman’s story is alike, therefore, each photo shoot, and the resulting images, are uniquely her own. There is a refreshing absence of cookie-cutter wardrobe, props and contrived “come hither” poses of traditional boudoir photography. I want each and every one of my photoshoots to be unique, so I encourage my clients to take a deeper look into what they love, what inspired then, what colors and styles are they drawn to. We are visual creatures ladies and I know every one of you is a creative human being that wants to express yourself. I look at this boudoir experiences as a chance for women to really let their light and creative juices to flow. My team can create just about anything your heart desires and being that photoshoot with me are an investment, I want my clients to know my heart is in it and my wish is for every client that walks out the door to feel like she just stepped of a glamorous magazine shoot.

I like to pride myself in being able to coax out the most attractive, graceful and sexy poses and reveal your best angles. A leotard or an off-the-shoulder oversized sweater can be just as sexy as a bustier or a garter belt. A little bit of lace can be far more alluring that total nudity. Boudoir Los Angeles fosters a warm, inviting and sensual environment that immediately puts our at ease. Come…. venture inside….it is TRANSFORMING! Every woman is a “gorgeous photo waiting to happen”, regardless of age, body type or any other circumstances.

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boudoir q & a

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