Boudoir Photography Through An Editorial Len

June 29, 2013

 Couture and boudoir converge into fine art images at Marisa Leigh Photography. Marisa Leigh is a professional photographer who has has always been on a mission: To portray authentic women at their most beautiful…. capturing confidence, elegance and that which is effortlessly sexy. She seeks to reinvent the boudoir genre with a ” luxury bespoke” approach that draws from her lengthy experience in editorial and commercial fashion.

Marisa Leigh is a graduate of the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. She has worked with high profile clients such as Maxim magazine, Geffen Time Warner Records and Teen Vogue. She has spent ten years in an industry where the expert beauty team of hair, make-up, lighting and lens converge…. to create and transform. This alchemy is used to often create something that “isn’t” rather than focusing on the “true self” of the model. Marisa Leigh Photography replaces “role playing” with “role models”. She is passionate about bringing real women…. the mothers, the models, the twenty-somethings, the sixty-somethings, the survivors, the teachers, the dreamers, the do-ers, and above all, the heroes before her camera lens….encouraging and supporting them to be bold, confident and beautiful.


When you step into the 5500 square foot down town Los Angeles studio of Marisa Leigh Photography, you might think you have landed in the middle of a photo shoot for a fashion spread or an album cover. That is because the dream team of Marisa Leigh Photography, hair and make-up artists, stylists and set designers happen to be editorial and commercials professionals if the highest caliber. They make their clients every bit as glamorous as supermodels or movie stars.

Look closer and you will discover that the women in front of the camera are not celebrities, but real people and with a little help from the woman behind the camera, they are the new “pin-ups” who are taking boudoir photography into the realm of timeless and tasteful art.

Marisa Leigh wants her clients to see themselves through the lens of love, and that is the point of departure that helps her create beautiful images. Every woman is a “gorgeous photo waiting to happen”, regardless of age, body type or any other circumstances.

Usually clients initially book a boudoir session with the intention of gifting the a spouse or significant other. However, they often find the experience to be one of unexpected empowerment and a greater gift to themselves. Who are Marisa Leigh Photography “boudoir” clients? They are truly varied with different expectations and desires, which always originates fresh possiblilites and divertissement. One client, who had decided to try to become pregnant, traveled from Illinois to have her “pre-baby body” body captured for all time, on film. Some are women entering a new phase in their life, after a divorce, moving to a new city or beginning a new job. One client was a military wife with a husband in Afghanistan, who, herself, had undergone twenty surgeries after a devastating accident. Another, a forty-seven year old mom of teenage boys who decided to surprise her husband who is always giving her creative and extraordinary gifts….he was a happy man!

Not one woman’s story is alike, therefore, each photo shoot, and the resulting images, are uniquely her own. There is a refreshing absence of cookie-cutter wardrobe, props and contrived “come hither” poses of traditional boudoir photography. Clients will also control how much skin they want to reveal, and that Marisa Leigh will capture them in their very best “un-self-conscious” light. She prides herself in being able to coax out the most attractive, graceful and sexy poses and reveal their best angles. A leotard or an off-the-shoulder oversized sweater can be just as sexy as a bustier or a garter belt. A little bit of lace can be far more alluring that total nudity. Marisa Leigh fosters a warm, inviting and sensual environment that immediately puts clients at ease. Come….venture inside….it is TRANSFORMING!

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