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Why Boudoir Parties Rock with Boudoir Los Angeles

 You know that rush you get after working out, or that uplifting feeling you get after you’ve been asked out by that guy you haven’t been able to stop thinking about?

That’s your brain processing happiness, releasing magic stuff called endorphins. It fills you full of positivity, and for a while you feel invincible, unstoppable.

But you know what is more potent than a full body power workout and more long-lasting than the mood boost from a hot date? Friendship. Surrounding yourself with positive friends is scientifically proven to improve brain and physical health, will keep you younger for longer, and more importantly, bring you joy when you need it.

So what happens when you combine friendship with boudoir photography? It’s no secret that a great session is empowering. Any woman, after spending hours being pampered by celebrity makeup and hairstylists and photographed by a world class photographer, will be transformed by the experience, and she’ll leave feeling more confident than she’s felt in a long time.

If her friends are there too, that feeling will amplify, everyone will feel confident and sexy, and will have the time of their lives.

What Happens at a Boudoir Party?

 Over the last few years, private boudoir parties have become an incredibly popular option for birthdays, milestone celebrations, hen nights, and bachelorette parties. Ladies who would have been content to go out for dinner and drinks on these special days have become bored with the tradition and instead are shedding their clothes as a group to celebrate life and beauty.

What happens at these sessions involves more than just sexy lingerie and sultry poses, however, they really are a full party. Some of the more upscale ones include celebrity make up artists and hairstylists, caterers, cocktail bars, high-energy DJ’s, mani/pedis, and just about anything else clients can dream up. Ultimately, the entire experience exists to make every woman feel so glamorous that she’ll glow.

 Do Group Boudoir Sessions Mean Group Photos?

 One of the biggest misconceptions about what happens at private boudoir parties is that you’ll all pose naked together as a group (like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Tatjana Patitz did in their iconic 1980s group photo by Herb Ritts called The Nude.).

The truth is, these special parties are customized, so if you want to pose together you can, but you don’t have to, you can do whatever you want. The whole point is to spend some time with your best friends having fun, and celebrate the unique beauty of each person by capturing it on camera.

Most sessions involve individual boudoir photoshoots with each participant in the midst of pampering, dancing, snacking and having a wonderful time. Fabulous group photos are just one of the options. So whether you’re celebrating your 40th birthday party, getting married, or just looking for a way to spend some time with your best girl friends and have a crazy sexy cool experience, a private boudoir party just might be the perfect idea for you.It’ll give you the opportunity to have fun in a new way, gain confidence, and create a timeless record of beauty that you will cherish forever.

A few Details

Packages begin at $495 per person with a 5 guest minimum.

Boudoir by itself is an empowering thing, but sometimes shedding off the outer layers seems daunting when you’re by yourself.

But having your friends there by your side, all of you encouraging and supporting each other, it changes the formula.

Instead of being shy and afraid of the camera, together as a group you become bold and fearless. Your natural beauty will shine through, and you’ll have more fun than you can imagine.

Want a party outside of L.A.? Boudoir parties don’t just happen in the Los Angeles studio, the team from Marisa Leigh is also available to travel on location for group sessions. They also specializes in bridal boudoir celebrations either in the studio or on location and can even be combined with wedding photography in a special package.

To book your party or learn more, email us or call (213 440 0798) for a consultation today.

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