5 Boudoir Make Up Tips

November 18, 2016

Boudoir Make-Up Tips5 Boudoir Make-Up Tips That Will Rock Your World.

I have magicians working with me on my shoots. My hair and make-up team is literally amazing at bringing out the personal best in a woman.

They understand what suits a particular complexion; they are acutely aware that intimate sessions focus on the face and the bone structure and they are professionals who can re-create looks to bring to life the fantasies my clients want.

In fact they are so great that the tom boy in me has taken the back-seat and I can talk HD powder and contouring with the best of them.

But not all intimate shoots are blessed with such adroit pros.

Though you should always pay special attention to the people who will be glamming you up for your special day, if you have been blindsided by the excitement of doing boudoir for the first time. here are 5 essential make-up tips that you can keep in mind to ensure a stunning end result.

Be assertive when they put you in that chair. Show them that you are “aware” of the best practices. And they will pull up their socks to do a better job.

1: Remember the Photos are Going to be High Definition  This is kind of a conundrum. On one hand all visible blemishes and pores will show up. So you have to do a good job on the coverage. But on the other heavy make-up will stand out like a festering sore. It is all about balance. Mineral powder foundation in a hue that suits your skin tone can be teamed with concealer to get rid of any unsightly acne scars or sun spots without looking unnatural. Avoid most liquid bases like the plague. Unless you are sure of how the product settles.

2: Lighting is of Paramount Importance  Yup! Look out for the lighting. Not just during your shoot but also when you are in the make-up chair. Avoid yellow cast lamps that are so common in green rooms. Insist that the prep take place in an area that has an abundance of natural illumination.

3: Brows Shouldn’t be Neglected  If there is one aspect of your visage that influences a close up shot dramatically, it is the brow. Ensure that you step into the shoot with well waxed, properly plucked eyebrows. If you tend to go bushy, you should apply an eyebrow sealer or lacquer to keep the stray hair in place. Aiming for a dramatic look? Don’t forget to tint the brows a deeper shade.

4:  Contouring is your Best Friend  The darker powder does under your cheek bones to complement the blush. It adds depth to your face. The highlighter goes on anything you wish to draw attention to including the brow bone, the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Talk with your make-up artist about what you would like to play up and the elements you would like to underwhelm.

Caveat: HD powder is tricky. It flashes on camera when applied incorrectly. So refrain from using this product if you are not too sure about your prep team’s skills.

5 It’s all about Warm with Cool Warm tones must be supported by cooler hues. Otherwise the shots end up looking too flushed or anemic. If you love those loud red pouters, go shimmery and light on the eyes. Use your aesthetic sense to guide your make-up artist.

A boudoir shoot is your big day. You have to be an active participant in everything and that includes hair and make-up. Speak your mind, convey your preferences. It truly is all about you.

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