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May 5, 2015

One of the things I love most about being a photographer, is when someone comes in to view their photos and they are ecstatic over the pictures.  I am so thrilled to say in the years I have been shooting boudoir photography, I have not had one client not LOVE their photos. Most of my clients can’t even get it down to 15 -20 photos.  It blows me away every time and it just confirms, I seem to be in flow with what I put on this earth to do.

I recently had a client who not only had a ball during the shoot…  She could have kept going for another couple hours. This lovely lady was so comfortable in her skin, she got bolder as we went on, and had an overall AMAZING time.  Much more so than she anticipated. Which I think is the overall response from all of my clients. Everyone shows up nervous, and leaves excited, because it was nothing like they had made it out to be in their head. Shooting with Boudoir Los Angeles is a fun, no stress and easy experience.  That is my promise to all of my clients.  All of a sudden it will be over, and you will be having so much fun you will want to stay.

When she came to view the pictures, she was in awe by them. This woman couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.  She couldn’t have been more excited or happier about how the photos turned out.  I’m pretty sure she would have picked just about every shot if it had been an option.

Later, she told me she’d actually teared up on her way home.  The pictures had several purposes.  They were an anniversary gift for her hubby. They were also in honor of her upcoming 50th Birthday.  She wanted to have a visual reminder of what 50 looked like.  And, after the viewing now thinks that 50 must be the new 30!

This client also has some health issues and said the whole experience especially how beautiful the pictures are, has changed her thinking about the body she feels betrayed by.  She now has a sense of her power within, which is priceless.

Whatever the reason, or for no reason at all, book an appointment, come in and let me make you feel as beautiful and empowered as she did.


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