Beat Tough Times with Boudoir Shoots

June 15, 2016

Trying times do not hit us with fair warning. They are often like tropical summer storm that comes from nowhere, overwhelm the horizon and leave us drenched, and looking for shelter. And sometimes when darkness seems to be all around us, it can be hard to stay positive.  We can’t attend a boot camp to prepare for the occasion. And there is no training to guide us through the labyrinth. Most importantly, if we believe that only the ‘tough’ can surmount challenges and for some reason ‘tough’ isn’t the adjective we apply to ourselves – right out of the gate we lose any chance of coming out on top.

This is the reason why I recommend greeting the rough patches with a saucy smile and some dazzling snaps!

How Boudoir Shoots Are Naturally Built to Help You Ace Challenges:

Think back to the depression and despondency of having lost a relationship. Or a career goal! Self-confidence is at an all-time low. Self-care is all but a lost priority. And the body image tanks.

This is when an intimate session can work its magic. It offers much needed psychological succor and initiates physiological changes. In case that sounds too far-fetched, here is the break down.

  1. It is a proven fact that our brain is wildly capable of exaggerating. And this is why most trying times end up being more challenging. We complicate circumstances with fears that will never come to pass. Our biggest worries literally do not exist. So when you take to the boudoir studio and are waiting for that first click of the camera, something similar goes on in your head. The internal dialogue castigates you for the sheer stupidity of choosing to expose yourself in ‘unflattering’ ways. You are certain that even the photographer’s skill will not be able to salvage the situation.

But fast forward just ten minutes and you are posing like a superstar. You realize that your apprehensions had no feet. And that the reality is much better than your bleak mind chatter. You carry this basic mindset shift with you and it bleeds into other areas of your life. The boudoir womb can wrought transformations! Ask me…I am witness.

  1. There is no problem in the world that pampering and self-love can’t solve. This is the reason why spa treatments and retreats work so well when you are anxious and tense. Well, a boudoir session epitomizes both these qualities. You work on yourself to appear your best in the photos at a time when you wouldn’t have otherwise. You give it the much needed exercise and massages. You are gentle with your skin. And once the shoot is underway, the champagne flows and you are the center of attention. These factors, together with the shocking fact that you look amazing in your raw clicks, influence you positively. You leave empowered! And with a sense of wellbeing that is renewed each time you flip through the images.
  1. Power poses do exist. There is a TEDTalk by Amy Cuddy that elaborates how your brain increases the secretion of domination and ‘feel good’ hormones when you adopt a fearless stance with squared shoulders and the head held high. No intimate photographer worth his salt will ever inhibit you with body shaming guidance. Boudoir poses are always open and free and strong – a beautiful celebration of femininity and individuality. The surge of spirit you feel is real and it lasts. Mess not with a woman who has just had a boudoir session. She will show you your place without batting an eyelid!

An intimate shoot done the right way is the best defense against life. When the cookie doesn’t crumble the way you want, add some whipped cream and cherries and accept the camera’s invitation to be seduced.

It’s simple, elemental and effective!

boudoir shoot

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