Beach Bums

February 26, 2015

I just got home from my 2 week Rio adventure. It was amazing! I went to the beach almost everyday, ate a scary amount of fried food, drank too much, danced, laughed, made love, and slept more than I have in months. It was just what little me needed after the last few crazy months I’ve had.

I’ve never seen so many gorgeous beach bums in my life! I was mesmerized, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I’ve never seen anything like it. Small, medium, large, extra large, it didn’t matter, they were all out for display and they owned it in every which way!

The first day on the beach I was already planning out a coffee table book, coming up with names, oh man was it going to be a GEM,  but my dream was quickly squashed within the first 10 minutes I took my camera to the beach. Rio is a very dangerous place and I just can’t be strolling the streets, the beach, or really anywhere with anything expensive. My camera is worth 3 times the amount it is here, so it could have been ripped from me at any second. This was really hard for me to digest, as I take my camera everywhere with me. I’ve never felt in danger with my camera, but 10 minutes in Rio was enough for me to put it away and not take it out again.

This shot was within those 10 minutes. There were so many sexy beach bums everywhere you looked, strutting their stuff for everyone to see. It’s not like they are trying to keep anything a secret, so please… excuse me, I didn’t think anyone would give a damn. Once I have an idea, I want it, and I go for it. But after I get yelled at by a very strong, scary, tattooed guy on the beach, I take it as a sign. Sigh… Defeated, I put my camera away.

So here it is, better than nothing, right?!

We could learn a few things from these beautiful Brazilian people! One, being sexy is a state of mind. Two, whatever you got, fucking own it, love it and show it off. Three, shake it, shake it, and shake it a little more!



beach bum

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