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March 4, 2017

Women Have Built Empires & Redefined History And I’m here to remind you that anything is possible if you have the nerve!

It’s the perfect time to step into the studio. Claim your right to be gorgeous, regal and free!

Awaken the queen inside!

Cause March is National Women’s History Month.

And we always need a good excuse to pay homage to the strong female figures who have shaped our world!

Book a mini session for $75 

Get decked up in the signature styles of explosive characters like Cleopatra,
Enjoy being pampered by hair and makeup pros *additional cost

Walk away with pictures that you will cherish for life
Book our Special March boudoir promotion and grab a $200 credit for your very own photo book or $100 credit for any digital order.

Make 2017 your time to shine!

Take on the aura of women who have left an indelible mark, have inspired you and channel that vibe.

You’re definitely worth it!!

This is literally a once in a year offer limited to the first 5 clients. Inquire about securing your spot in history today!

march boudoir promo

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