Age is just a number

May 27, 2014

As my birthday looms closer and that feeling of yet another year is creeping to the surface, I have to remember, age is just a number. Every year, it seems to be right around this time that I start to get a little crazy. I become harder on myself, start scrutinizing my life and the choices I have made – the trips I have not gone on, the goals I have yet to complete. In the past, I’ve been known to start stupid fights, act out, and sometimes be totally irrational. Who’s with me? Anyone? Getting older does absurd things to us, but I’ve only really noticed this change in the last few years.

Most of my friends have had their first or second child and are settling into their new life as a mom. Being surrounded by this means that it’s only natural that I have babies on the brain, especially during this time of year. I mean, I’ll be 35 in a month, still following my heart, loving my life, living with the love of my life and getting more inspired everyday. I feel this beautiful momentum happening right now and I have worked to hard and too long too hard to not hold on to the energy. I am committed to playing as big as I can and manifesting the life of my dreams. No babies can stop me now…

Please don’t get me wrong, I”m not against babies. I really do want to have kids and I hope before it’s too late I jump, and take the leap, so to speak. I just don’t feel like anything is missing from my life right now, so I’m going to stick with that.

I love it when my clients celebrate their birthdays with me with a sexy shoot. I think to promote it, I’m even going to start giving out some sort sweet deal for the birthday girl. Having some sexy boudoir photos done of yourself is saying that you LOVE yourself, and whatever age you are, that’s a big deal! That’s what it’s about, knowing and loving who you are, where you have been, and what you are becoming. As far as I am concerned we should do it every year! We should celebrate ourselves, we don’t do it enough.

This Lovely Woman celebrated her 40th birthday with me.  She makes 40 look like 30 and any woman that works this hard should definitely show it off! Staying fit is a choice and not always an easy one. I believe staying fit, eating right and loving yourself is the elixir of life. Your body is strong, your mind is clear and there is love in your heart. What else do you need?

Terri, you’re Gorgeous, you have it all!


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