Get Your Fiancé a Gift He Will Never Forget with a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

June 24, 2016

I am used to being thanked by brides.

But the other day something rather strange and touching happened.

I got an email from a man.

Before you start making conjectures, let me clear the air a bit.

Nathan (name mentioned with permission), is the proud and lucky husband of one of my bridal boudoir ladies. He told me that the first thing on his mind when he got home from the honeymoon is to contact the woman who had transformed his wife and that it was a job superbly done.

I Remember Emily……

Because she was very hesitant about stepping in front of the camera. More so than usual! She had undergone an appendicitis operation and even though the scarring was minimal, she hadn’t been able to shed what she called ‘the post op weight’ in time for the wedding. She kept saying, ‘Should I be doing this? My finance is a professional model and he is really ripped and in shape! I don’t want to end up looking foolish.”

And I kept iterating the mantra I know stills every jittery boudoir heart.

You look amazing darling. Trust me. Your husband is a lucky man.”

By the time the shoot ended, Emily was in a much better place about her insecurities. Her raw shots had blown her away. I had purposely chosen a very vintage and classy look for the entire session to complement her innate grace and charm. The end result in low lighting and black and white was EPIC!

Before leaving, she handed me her number and promised me referrals.

It was a good day!

But Nathan’s Take Gave Me a Whole New Perspective:

I am sure most of you know by now that bridal boudoir makes for a great pre-honeymoon or wedding night gift. And why shouldn’t it be? Every man wants to drown in the lust meets love fantasy that a well done intimate photography session weaves. It is the perfect start to exploring and rediscovering each other post the matrimonial vows.

But I had never really dug deeper.

According to Nathan, the Emily that stepped out of my studio was a changed woman. He had expected to battle a lot of her consciousness around her increased weight and the supposed loss of her proportionate figure.

But the feisty woman who took him on the most enthralling and satisfying week long Hawaiian sojourn he could have ever hoped for had no trace of diffidence. She was an unapologetic nymph at complete peace with her body. And she made him fall in love with her again and again.

Gift Your Husband the Real You:

Choose to get an intimate bridal photography session done, you go beyond revealing your sexy side to your life partner. Under the skillful treatment of your boudoir photographer you slowly set aside your inhibitions, your fears, your apprehensions around who you are and what you mean to your significant other. And replace the restrictions with confidence, poise and a zest for life.

What your husband gets is a sneak peek into the treasures that await him on the honeymoon and an empowered woman who is more than happy to guide him to the delights.

That kind of gift makes memories for a lifetime

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