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Welcome to My Lovely Boudoir Blog

I am a visual artist who is committed to exploring everything it means to be a woman.  I like to portray women at their most beautiful…. capturing their confidence, elegance and that imperceptible je-ne-sais-quoi that is so effortlessly sexy.

My dream behind Boudoir Los Angeles is to rouse and inspire.  It all starts in the boudoir!  This is a journey; for some it is a mountain to traverse, and for others, it is a walk in the park.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum, my hope is that you live a passionate successful life!  If reading some posts on my blog motivates you to make a positive change, or if scheduling a Boudoir Photography Shoot with me pushes you through a personal obstacle, then I’ve achieved my mission.  If just taking a gander at some of the samples on my site encourages a self-esteem boost for a moment, I thank you, for that spurs me upwards and onwards as well! 

I have specialized in creative portrait photography for more than a decade since I trained at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography, where I received my BA in Commercial Photography. My unique editorial work with celebrity clients has been featured in Maxim, Angeleno Magazine, and the Santa Barbara New Press, to name a few.  I also have shot album covers and other promotional materials for Geffen Records, Warner Music Group, and Bravo TV.

I demand that I always be inspired in life, so that passion will resonate in my work. 

Sessions with me are brimming with laughter and easygoing conversation.  And that sometimes elusive sensual side within all women seems to come shining through when they work with me.  Simply put, with Boudoir Los Angeles, you are guaranteed to have one of the very best experiences you’ve ever had shooting artistic, beautiful, sexy photographs.  If it takes your breath away when you see the photos, I have done my job!

Please enjoy the posts here.  I invite you to comment, share your thoughts and help me build a community of brave, amazing women who are promoting living passionate lives and want to inspire others to do the same.  Cheers!

Check out my other boudoir website at www.boudoirla.com. 

Send us an email for more info here.

And check out my new videos here

XX, Marisa Leigh


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