an art trip

April 12, 2017

Last week I pulled some fun clothes, grabbed a couple of friends, and headed to the super bloom to for an art trip. I’ve never shot a dreamy editorial in the poppy’s and after all the rain we got, I would have never forgiven myself if I did not go. The day did not go as planned of course. We got lost trying to go to a “secret area” and what should have been less than 90 min to get there, it took over three.

By the time we got there every was a little hangry and a little irritated, not to mention a full blown windstorm was happening. It was cold and I could only have the models looking one direction or every piece of hair would be in their mouth or covering their face. Awesome!

I was determined to make some amazing shots! There was no other option, we just drove 3 hours, been planning this for weeks, and we had all this incredible jewelry.

I had to get the girls in a good mood, make them forget about the chilling wind storm and give me good face! Not an easy task, but I somehow always manage to kill it, and I did!

Thank you to Trumpet & Horn for letting us take these amazing jewels out to the poppy fields to photograph.

We had so much fun and I have lots more photos on the way! I will be posting the poppy field photos next week, so come back and see all the dreamy art I created.

dreamy poppy fields editorial

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