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March 31, 2017

Put your hands on my knees, she said, and think of a book you’ve been dying to read.

-Michael Faudet

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Hello Beautiful

March 30, 2017

You were made to do the hard things, so believe in yourself.

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When in Doubt….Trust Your Gut

March 29, 2017

When Something Other Than Common Sense Talks:

The twin towers fell and hundreds of brave hearts lost their lives.

But dig a little deeper and you can find dozens of astounding stories where people have sworn that they turned their cars around mid-ride on the fateful day and decided to “call in sick”.

Because something just didn’t feel “right”.

Because an intelligence…beyond the one we value so much…spoke. And those who are still alive and well today – listened.

How many times do we disregard this gut instinct as we navigate home, work and our social responsibilities?

Whenever things seem a bit off, we quickly take out our checklist of good old common sense.

We look for gaping holes and signs of danger.

But if we can’t perceive anything tangible right away – we call ourselves silly and move on.

Does tragedy always strike like clockwork?


But it does so more often than can be safely shelved as mere coincidence.

Heeding Your Intuition Comes from a Place of Deep Trust:

It is only when you can truly and subconsciously rely on yourself to “have your back” can you trust your gut and make course corrections accordingly. It goes back to that stubborn lesson we just can’t master for good – self love.

Self-love and self-trust go hand in hand.

Appreciate yourself, know that you are always and forever doing the best you can. Stop beating yourself up.

And you will hear the soft voice of intuition whispering more often and with more life changing advice.

I struggled with this surrender for a very long time. But when I decided to give it a try because life’s too short to live by other people’s golden rules, I discovered a new freedom. The freedom of having an internal GPS that rarely messes up.

It’s a feeling beyond beautiful.

And it can completely change how you relate to others and the world around you.

You are no longer at the mercy of the whims and fancies within your relationships. You know you can discern what’s best for you. And walk away…or hold on!

The Gut & Boudoir:

Some women seem to “own” their boudoir sessions. While some feel hesitant and stuck.

Yes, the shutterbug you choose should ideally put you at ease. But intuition plays an important role in the process.

You don’t shed your inhibitions – and your clothes – for the camera everyday. It’s uncharted territory. And utterly liberating.

So when you debate with yourself about putting your hands behind your back, exposing your derriere or wearing a certain outfit, consciously move away from the mental chatter of “I won’t look as good as the models if I do this” and ask yourself “What do I want?”

If the answer scares you – jackpot.

You’ve listened to your intuition.

The ride from there on will be exhilarating to say the least.

Try it out!!

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Rel Boudoir Stories

March 24, 2017

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Home Boudoir Shoots

March 23, 2017

Home Boudoir Shoots: The Way to Self-Love & Gratitude

“Gratitude is an attitude that always serves you well”

Gratitude or being thankful shouldn’t really be restricted to a day or an event. It should be an ongoing celebration of the good in life so that we can synchronistically call in more of the same.

And what better way to start a practice of daily gratitude than being thankful for your body and yourself?

If “self-love” has always been a battleground for you, I invite you to sample the delights of a boudoir shoot.

What’s that? You aren’t mentally prepared to invest in a pro session yet? Fear not, you can bring the boudoir to well…your boudoir and turn your home into your own personal studio.

And the best part is, your man can be the photographer. He will be surprised alright and if he’s anything like my man, he won’t stop talking about it for months! 

Here are my five top tips and recommendations that will make your home boudoir shoot an experience to cherish.

Give Yourself the Pep Talk. 

Listen up. The way you see yourself and the way he sees you are two different perspectives that can’t really be compared. When you face the mirror, your eyes automatically seek out the “imperfect”. You have been doing it all your life. But when he sees you, he is so enthralled by what makes you a “woman” that those tiny wrinkles and the sun spots don’t even register on his radar. So don’t hold yourself back. If he loves you, he will love playing with the edgy, sexy and sultry side of yours.

Get Comfortable 

A boudoir shoot is not just about baring skin. It is about baring the soul and being authentic. So the choice of what to drape yourself in is entirely yours. You shouldn’t be apologetic if you want to go with a little red dress that isn’t anywhere near as racy as the shots that are labelled typically boudoir. It is your body and you get to decide what you want to expose.

Take Tips from the Pros 

Flattering photography starts with flattering poses. When you spring the surprise on him, he won’t have time to look up boudoir photos or guide you in any way. So you have to do a little bit of homework. Study how lingerie models handle themselves in shoots. What are the angles they prefer? How do they position their hands and do they point their toes and arch their back? This isn’t rocket science. You will get it after the first dozen clicks you peruse.

Lighting is Everything 

I won’t launch into the technical details here. Just keep in mind that unless you are adept at make-up, direct overhead illumination should be avoided. Soft diffused light works the best and if you have a window with indirect light, that’s the sweet spot! Natural lighting is the best!

Variety is the Spice 

Ask him to shoot a few close ups, a couple of 3/4ths and a bunch of full body clicks for a true boudoir feel.

If you don’t have a DSLR, your iPhone will work just fine. It is the sentiment that counts.

Have the prints developed by a professional. You may even get them touched up if you want to go the distance. And viola, your home to your body and the happiness of being in a loving relationship is ready.

Come on, do accept the challenge. And let me know how it goes.



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