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Monday Magic

November 29, 2016

A little Monday Magic inspiration!

monday magic

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks now and I must apologize.

Two months ago we were told that we needed to find a new place to live. Our (landlord) I hate that word. Makes no sense. Anyhow.. he said he needed to move some family in. I’ll never forget that day. So many emotions! We are so comfortable, f*** that’s my busiest time of year, where are we going to go? What city? How are we going to do it?  What are we going to do??!!! 

Curtis and I have been living in Camarillo for the last 3 plus years and if you don’t know about Camarillo, it’s a beachy, quiet small town 50 miles north of Los Angeles. It was much needed break from living in Hollywood after 8 years. It had a cute little downtown, 10 min from the beach, yummy restaurants. It was always 15-20 degrees cooler, breezy and beautiful. I loved it! But, and the BIG but, I have been commuting downtown for the last 3 plus years and I was over it. I needed to be closer to my boudoir studio, we knew we both needed to be in LA.  I knew this was news that was going to change our lives.

We had a beautiful home, three stories tall and it felt like we lived in a tree house. Both being Artists, we both had the space we needed to create and to work around each other. We had so much room.

I was excited and scared to death.

I can’t live in a condo, or apartment. I can’t live too far away, I need nature around me, a garden, trees, birds, a patio to meditate and do yoga, a peaceful place where I still feel creative and nurtured. How am I going to find that in LA? 

The search began and I started focusing on what I wanted. I started researching properties to buy in Topanga, thinking ok let’s buy some land and build something. Let’s be hippies and do something different. I knew we didn’t have enough time, and it was driving me crazy. When I want something, I get laser driven and I have a hard time compromising or believing that whatever I want, will not find it’s way to me. I want it so bad, I can feel it. 

After a few weeks of looking I started to get depressed. There is just no way this can happen this fast. I’m crazy, we can’t live out of an rv temporarily, we have way too much shit. I was also looking for places to rent, but still not finding anything ideal. 

We both need a offices, Curtis needs a paint room, did I say we have a pit bull, where the hell can we live that meets my seemingly nearly impossible requests for the amount we could afford?

I did not know how it was going to happen, but I stayed positive and knew it would all work out just the way it was suppose to. I heard the noises, I felt the sun on my face, I smelled the air, and I felt my heart lifting, and I knew something magical would happen.

And it certainly did. 

Last week we just moved into the bottom of a canyon on 2.5 acres, 10 min from my boudoir studio. I have a garden, the most beautiful deck I’ve ever seen, a outdoor stove, meditation nook, and a bar. I know!! Whatttttttttttt???!! It’s pure heaven and it’s finally setting in. My heart is full of gratitude!

I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. Fished this year strong, so I know this is next year is going to be my biggest and best year yet!!

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Boudoir Q&A

November 21, 2016

Do you retouch images?

Many woman end up on my site and think that I just photograph perfect woman, which is not true. I bring perfection to my work. I’ve been honing my retouching and editing skills for 10 plus years, so not only do you get an amazing photographer, you get extremely skilled retoucher.

I love retouching! I love retouching. Let me say it again, I love retouching. There are many photographers that don’t believe in it, or believe altering photos is a lie or maybe they just say that because they don’t know what they are doing??? Here’s the dealio, everything we look at in magazines, advertisements, even on film and tv is retouched and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s not fair, I know, so I like to think I give an ordinary women an experience where I get to level the playing field. A chance to feel and look like she just walked off of a magazine cover shoot. The lighting, posing, photography, make-up, hair and retouching all working in alignment. Showing her that she can be just as beautiful as the people she sees everyday. That is my goal! So, hell yes, I retouch my images and I make my clients look STUNNING!

Check out more of my before and afters!

Boudoir reotouching

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5 Boudoir Make Up Tips

November 18, 2016

Boudoir Make-Up Tips5 Boudoir Make-Up Tips That Will Rock Your World.

I have magicians working with me on my shoots. My hair and make-up team is literally amazing at bringing out the personal best in a woman.

They understand what suits a particular complexion; they are acutely aware that intimate sessions focus on the face and the bone structure and they are professionals who can re-create looks to bring to life the fantasies my clients want.

In fact they are so great that the tom boy in me has taken the back-seat and I can talk HD powder and contouring with the best of them.

But not all intimate shoots are blessed with such adroit pros.

Though you should always pay special attention to the people who will be glamming you up for your special day, if you have been blindsided by the excitement of doing boudoir for the first time. here are 5 essential make-up tips that you can keep in mind to ensure a stunning end result.

Be assertive when they put you in that chair. Show them that you are “aware” of the best practices. And they will pull up their socks to do a better job.

1: Remember the Photos are Going to be High Definition  This is kind of a conundrum. On one hand all visible blemishes and pores will show up. So you have to do a good job on the coverage. But on the other heavy make-up will stand out like a festering sore. It is all about balance. Mineral powder foundation in a hue that suits your skin tone can be teamed with concealer to get rid of any unsightly acne scars or sun spots without looking unnatural. Avoid most liquid bases like the plague. Unless you are sure of how the product settles.

2: Lighting is of Paramount Importance  Yup! Look out for the lighting. Not just during your shoot but also when you are in the make-up chair. Avoid yellow cast lamps that are so common in green rooms. Insist that the prep take place in an area that has an abundance of natural illumination.

3: Brows Shouldn’t be Neglected  If there is one aspect of your visage that influences a close up shot dramatically, it is the brow. Ensure that you step into the shoot with well waxed, properly plucked eyebrows. If you tend to go bushy, you should apply an eyebrow sealer or lacquer to keep the stray hair in place. Aiming for a dramatic look? Don’t forget to tint the brows a deeper shade.

4:  Contouring is your Best Friend  The darker powder does under your cheek bones to complement the blush. It adds depth to your face. The highlighter goes on anything you wish to draw attention to including the brow bone, the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Talk with your make-up artist about what you would like to play up and the elements you would like to underwhelm.

Caveat: HD powder is tricky. It flashes on camera when applied incorrectly. So refrain from using this product if you are not too sure about your prep team’s skills.

5 It’s all about Warm with Cool Warm tones must be supported by cooler hues. Otherwise the shots end up looking too flushed or anemic. If you love those loud red pouters, go shimmery and light on the eyes. Use your aesthetic sense to guide your make-up artist.

A boudoir shoot is your big day. You have to be an active participant in everything and that includes hair and make-up. Speak your mind, convey your preferences. It truly is all about you.

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November 10, 2016

There is a heaviness I can’t shake.
Everything feels so divided, and although I want to remain positive I can’t help but feel a hole in my heart.
We’ve come so far. It just doesn’t seem real.
It feels like there is a split of energy/awareness that cannot be ignored.
On one side people want change, despite the consequences or morality. They can’t see the hate, the immaturity, the danger.
If we are conscience people, all we have to do is be silent and listen, we are able to hear the voice screaming. It’s so deep inside that you didn’t even know it was there. It rocks your soul, and you have to ask yourself, why, why does this make me so angry. Why do I despise this person so much. Then the answer comes.
Trump is the bully I have been trying to get away from my entire life. The person that made me feel small, made fun of me in front of other people, laughed at me. I spent important years of my childhood thinking I would never be good enough. Since those days on the playground, I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I am not challenged by those thoughts.
Donald J Trump is a Bully, the worst kind, the ones that never had parents that gave him the tools he needed to play nice with others. He was deprived of love, it’s obvious, he so clearly wants revenge, will stop at nothing to put others down and make them look weak.
That is not a leader I can get behind. He is dead inside. Clear as day. I don’t see anything inside him that makes me believe he is qualified to run this country I love.
This is not just another day. I woke feeling like I need to fight for my life, I need to fight for what I believe in and that what we REALLY need is more people in this world guiding people towards truth, and love, not fear and greed. So I guess I have to say thank you Trump, now I see my mission more clearly!
My voice is important and I will NEVER stand down to a bully.
I understand not everyone will agree with me, but that is no reason not to speak about something that matters to me.
I am in the business of empowering women, and I will fight for what I believe in till the day I die.
Hillary despite what you feel about her has proved to believe in women, and the children of this world. She understands that empowering women is what the world needs. We are natural leaders and women were the leaders of the world for a very long time.
We are more collaborative, inclusive and team-oriented, all characteristics that tend to be effective, particularly in today’s fast-paced, innovation-driven world. It’s also proven that there would be more peace in the world. I thought last night was it, the return to the feminine, not towards a frightened and threatened little boy.
Empowering women isn’t just the right thing, it’s the necessary thing.
It’s time to RISE my friends, like you have never before. Our work is far from done here.
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November 2, 2016


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