Month: October, 2016

Flash back Friday

October 22, 2016

I think it’s time I start revisiting my archive of images. I wish I had my archives from 10 plus years ago, but many of my old photos and negatives were accidentally thrown away my my dad. Thanks dad, God rest his soul. I will do my best to go as far down the rabbit hole as I can find. I hesitate putting my old work on this blog, as my work 5-10 years ago is not nearly as good as it is today, but I I’m just gonna go for it! Fuck it, it will be fun! I’ll be delivering oldies but goodies now every friday.

I shot these photos 11 years ago. I had just graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and was working on my commercial portfolio. Yogi Times, a Los Angeles Yoga magazine hired me to do this summer editorial. We shot this up the beautiful Santa Barbara and I really wish I could remember the models name. Oopsy. She was a beauty!!!


flash back fridayflash back fridayflash back friday

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Plus Size Boudoir: Tips to Ace the Intimate Session

October 18, 2016

Plus Size Boudoir

Plus Size Boudoir: Tips to Ace an Intimate Session

Body positivity is a wonderful thing.

But there is one aspect the whole movement that kind of throws me off balance. It seems like women around the world denounce a society accepted standard of beauty and they do so out of the frustration that some of them don’t conform to it!

Paradoxical right?

If the plastic gorgeousness and the skinny frame aren’t what the fairer sex is about, then why go through so much of anguish – even if it is well concealed under layers of an almost aggressive stance against aesthetic vacuity – when you don’t find yourself living up to them?

I Have a Different Take on the Whole Issue:

I am not against any body type. I am not against any particular style or fashion. I am not against make-up. I am not against targeted retouching of images.

My main focus is authenticity.

I celebrate exactly what a woman looks like without any judgments. That’s my job. If my client is a 6 feet tall, lithe 20 something, I don’t go “Yay! I snagged myself a diva. This will be easy work

And if the lady who graces my studio is a plus sized woman, I don’t walk about crestfallen because the images won’t be “traditional boudoir”.

I rejoice in the inner glow of each and every one of my clients. I recognize the fact that they are all divas waiting to find a blank canvas that can capture their intensity, their true personality and their magnetic appeal.

Things I do during a shoot – from the make up to the hair style to the poses – aren’t designed to “hide flaws”. They are geared to bring your personal best to the table enhancing the bounty of beauty that you already possess.

And the result is phenomenal. My work is not to snap pictures. It is to create art that vibrates with authenticity.

My Top Three Tips for Plus Sized Women:

I will call you a “plus sized woman”. Because it is not a tag that derogates you! It describes your uniqueness. It sets you apart from your peers. And it will give your shoot a quality that women who do not possess your curves can’t really claim.

  1. Choose to work with a shutterbug who has experience shooting plus sized women. The preparations, the drill and even the feel of the sessions take on a different rhythm when a photographer is asked to project a plus sized woman’s persona in clicks. And someone who knows how to do justice to your presence is of paramount importance.
  1. Put thought into what you would like to expose. This consideration is not for the benefit of others. They might as well not exist. It is to ensure that you are comfortable during the shoot and any inhibitions you may have around appearing a certain way can be slowly worked out over the session. But it is essential for you to put your best foot forward – in your mind.
  1. Create a mood board of poses that you love. You might have spent time thinking not so positive thoughts about your body. I am not generalizing here – just speaking based on my experience. The shoot is an amazing way to send love and attention its way. Have you always believed your frame is built for vintage boudoir? Have you wanted to be a cougar? Get all the ideas out. And bring them to life with your photographer.

You are beautiful. And it is not a hollow placatory sentiment. You are beautiful because no one else can be just like you. God really broke the mold after he created you. That makes you a limited edition luxury piece. Enjoy the feel.

Plus Size Boudoir



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Most Novel Boudoir Themes for Intimate Sessions

October 14, 2016

Boudoir Themes: 4 Ideas to Make Your Shoots Sizzle

Boudoir is an intensely personal experience.

Whenever I work with clients I highly recommend them to do their homework and create vision boards or Pinterest Pin collections of all the looks and elements they would like to bring to their session.

Nothing is off limits you see.

You can be as wild, as demure, as quirky or as magnetic as you want.

There is no “right” way to ace an intimate shoot. As soon as you relax in the settings and feel that urge to explore the poses and the expressions, you are in your sweet spot of authenticity meets fantasy.

Having said that, there are a number of themes women love to visit – time and again. These themes are evergreen, popular and they look sexy as hell.

A must try for any boudoir babe.

Theme #1: The Movie Star

boudoir themes

Think Scarlett Johannsson. Think Marilyn Monroe. Think the iconic red soles of Christian Louboutins. The essence of this theme is glamour. Understated and chic! The hair is set in well-coiffed curls. The figure hugging and revealing dresses play peek-a-boo with your assets. The backdrop is either a messy silk coverlet on the big king sized bed or a recliner with the quintessential ornate carvings. Red lips and a haughty pout enhance the immersive experience of being a much desired diva.

I enjoy this kind of a shoot. Given my extensive experience working for high end magazines, I can channel the celebrity vibe in each and every click. Got those coveted Birkins and Guccis? Bring them on sister. This is pampering in frames at its very best.

Theme #2: Aladdin & Jasmine 


Perfect for the 18 something limber beauties looking to dip their comely toes in the world of boudoir. With Aladdin and Jasmine you get to showcase your natural loveliness and bring vibrancy to the sessions with liberal splashes of color.

Line up those cushions, slip into cut off harem pants, allow our hair professionals to re-create the signature plait and position yourself beside a traditional long spout pouring jug for clicks that are bound to transport you and your admirers to distant lands and the taste of sweet mint tea.

Theme #3: The Hot Nerd

boudoir themes

I personally love the juxtaposition of tech, glasses and garters, a whip, and just about anything…

It is disorienting and as a result extremely interesting.

Messy hair, the oversized shirt tied just above the navel, the geeky glasses, the ruler, the high heels and the blackboard behind.

Have the man in your life wishing he could go back to school.

Theme #4: The Exotic Accessories

boudoir-themes the-exotic-accessories

Just go all out with this one. Especially if you like to display the quirks in your personality! From the tassels for your nipples, classy pearls, or to the Vegas show girl style feather plumes to the glitter boas teamed with nothing else, this is the choice of the bold woman who experiments with her looks and makes a statement in everything she does.

So, what is your favorite boudoir theme? Give me a shout out ladies.

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The Forgotten Muse

October 10, 2016

All the motion and commotion of life can have us running around in circles. We often get up and before taking a few minutes to ourselves to create the day, we are walking the dog, feeding the kids, checking emails, turning on the news and before we know it all devices are on and we are absorbed in the daily grind. We go to work, get home, engage in another set of tasks that gobble up the last ounce of our energy and then we collapse, wake up and do it all over again.
There are so many excuses to why we don’t have time, why we can’t make time, and all of our reasons are so valid right? We have told them to ourselves so many times that we have come to believe them as the truth! That is what we do to survive, we lie to ourselves to make it ok.
This is something I am often thinking about and always considering as I go through the busyness of life. I’ve always been so curious, wondering why I think the way I do, believe what I do, act the way I do, dream the way I do, and recently really why do I photograph what I do?
I think being in touch with humanity and the artist inside you depends on the depth, time and consideration you spend on questioning the daily thoughts that are running the theatre of your mind. It is in these questions where you can discern whether or not you are in control, of your life or someone else is. Are you living a life that you are creating or are your living a life based on fear? Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of judgement, or maybe even fear of successes.
I bring this up because today more than ever I see the struggle between freedom and fundamentalism gripping America, gripping us so hard that it if not addressed or recognized, it will eat us alive! It makes us forget our dreams and the truth of who we are. The truth being that it is NOT what we have, but what we have to give!
Conformity is a mind control disease and when I look around it often seems like the state of modern life. The consumerism, the fear, and anger… If you are not careful, it can dominate your thoughts.
In order to take control of our lives we need to breathe a little more love into the artist inside. Feed the muse, ask her questions, the deep ones, because your truth, your freedom is there waiting for you to take it.
We are all artists, we just have to listen, and cultivate a space for the light inside to come alive.
If you don’t know where to start, pull out a pen and paper and just start writing. Notice the resistance, and keep going. Write about what you love, write out your goals, your dreams, your fears! Just keep writing…. What are the reasons you are not doing what you want to be doing and what is the cost? Is it your happiness? If so, then your well being is at stake and then you need to ask yourself an even more important question. If I am not willing to do what it takes to make me happy, how can I expect anyone else to give it to me? We teach people how to treat us, and if we don’t respect ourselves, how can we tell others to do the same?
The world needs you! The real you! The one who doesn’t let fear steal your life, and the one that’s not scared to feel even though it might tear you apart, because that is where the real you lives. We all have darkness, every single one of us, but if we don’t paint the darkness, the darkness will paint us.
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Sexy Saturdays

October 8, 2016

Sexy Saturdays

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