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Outdoor Boudoir Shoots: A Raging Trend

October 28, 2016

Outdoor Boudoir Shoots: A Raging Trend


Once upon a time boudoir shoots were predictable. They were path breaking all right. Because exhibitionism of any kind that was enjoyable for and geared to boost the self-confidence of a woman was not really the norm.

But most of the sessions took place in elaborate “settings” within cozy studios were the ladies would shed their clothes and their complexes under the arc lights and the soothing effect of the bubbly.

Being bold and even provocative in front of the camera and the supportive shutterbug became the toast of the seasons and the talk of the town.

It was safe. It was different! And it set the clicks on fire bringing out the femme fatale in the girls next door.

But then some rebellious soul mused, “I denounce the bedroom. I denounce security. I shall be wild and free.”

And lo and behold, the outdoor boudoir was born!

If it is Outdoor, Is it Boudoir?


The fact that more and more women are choosing to capture their glory amidst flora and fauna in breathtakingly beautiful locations outdoor has expanded the traditional meaning of boudoir. It no longer exclusively applies to images clicked in the intimate setting of a lady’s private room.

Boudoir is now the sentiment of revealing the unseen side. The backdrop can be Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain, it can be the innocent and languid landscape of Alaska, the beach, the forest, it all depends how daring you want to get. The purpose is to bring forth the deep from the superficial. The purpose is to present an idea, a fetish, a desire in a way that sparkles with authenticity.

In this context outdoor boudoir is all about becoming who you know you are in the lap of Mother Nature! And it has nothing to do with the glossy commercialization of swim wear calendars that use many of the same elements.

Top Three Boudoir Tips for Women Attempting it:


I have done my fair share of shoots in the sun, sand and solace of the Great Outdoors. The end results hold the promise of “greatness” if the prep is handled right.

  1. Choose a Location you are Comfortable In. If you are busy hiding your assets because people are passing by every 30 seconds, the hesitance and the annoyance will show. If you are allergic and are shooting out in the fields in May, the sneezes might seriously interfere with your plans for the day. Remember this experience is about you. The backdrop should complement your frame, your desires and your preferences. Spend time coming up with the ideal “spot”. Since your photographer is bound to be a local too, seek her assistance.
  2. Play with Props. I am all for the minimalist look. But outdoor boudoir necessitates props. You can pose with the quintessential vintage frame titled to a side. Or you can bring a lavish, draped bed to the spot and peek out from under the covers. How about a lovely and vibrant blue picnic table with you as the prized snack? The options are endless. Get creative!
  3. Go Packing. Go packing. Absolutely. This includes bug spray and moisturizing lotion. Put in sunscreen with a high SPF. Water – lots of Evian is your best friend on an outdoor boudoir shoot. Slippers are essential. You don’t want to pinch and torture your toes when you are off camera. Snacks to keep the hunger pangs at bay because shooting outside is hard work!

Last but not the least, don’t forget to smile and take in the sensation of the wind on your bare skin. It is an exhilaration that is addictive. If you do it once, take it from me – you will be stripping in the open again.


Rock On!


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Flash Back Friday

October 28, 2016

It’s about 6 years ago and I had just met these amazing people that moved from Miami. One happened to be a celebrity stylist and the other happened to be this beautiful face. Yes, Natasha was a professional model! She gallivanted all the world strutting her beautiful soul and having the time of her life for years! She moved to Miami in her late 20’s,  fell in love, and had two gorgeous children. The family picked up and moved to LA 6 years ago, opened a bad ass hair salon/restaurant around the corner from me. I was living in this little place in Hollywood and I hated the neighborhood.  This was the first place I could walk to that I actually wanted to hang out. It was such a blessing as I was going through a very tough time in my life.

I stumbled in one day. I’ll never forget. She was wearing this long hippie skirt, this sexy little top and had a bandanna on her head. She was stunning. I feel in love with her one first site. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women that I have ever laid my eyes on but she is down to earth and as real as it fucking gets! She is the whole enchilada and some!

I feel pretty lucky to call her one of my dearest friends now. She has been my muse for many years, and now that I think about it, this was where it all started. This was one my first shots of this insanely beautiful woman!


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Throw Back Thursday

October 27, 2016

A long long time ago…. In my gogo dancing days!!! Back then every weekend was Halloween.

throw back thursday

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Boudoir Q & A

October 25, 2016

How do you keep your boudoir images fresh and unique?

Not one woman’s story is alike, therefore, each photo shoot, and the resulting images, are uniquely her own. There is a refreshing absence of cookie-cutter wardrobe, props and contrived “come hither” poses of traditional boudoir photography. I want each and every one of my photoshoots to be unique, so I encourage my clients to take a deeper look into what they love, what inspired then, what colors and styles are they drawn to. We are visual creatures ladies and I know every one of you is a creative human being that wants to express yourself. I look at this boudoir experiences as a chance for women to really let their light and creative juices to flow. My team can create just about anything your heart desires and being that photoshoot with me are an investment, I want my clients to know my heart is in it and my wish is for every client that walks out the door to feel like she just stepped of a glamorous magazine shoot.

I like to pride myself in being able to coax out the most attractive, graceful and sexy poses and reveal your best angles. A leotard or an off-the-shoulder oversized sweater can be just as sexy as a bustier or a garter belt. A little bit of lace can be far more alluring that total nudity. Boudoir Los Angeles fosters a warm, inviting and sensual environment that immediately puts our at ease. Come…. venture inside….it is TRANSFORMING! Every woman is a “gorgeous photo waiting to happen”, regardless of age, body type or any other circumstances.

Check out what my clients are saying about me!

boudoir q & a

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Monday Muse

October 24, 2016

Forbidden love

It cannot be –

she said to me,

the end

is not my making.

To keep a part,

two lovers hearts,

is another undertaking.

This might be true

I said to you,

but it is they

who are mistaken.

For when there is a sun

you’ll find a moon,

and neither

can be for forsaken

-Michael Faudet

monday muse monday muse monday muse

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