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boudoir client feature

September 15, 2016

 I have so many amazing images I want to share with you,  but I am often limited with my boudoir client features as many of my clients want their images to remain private. I often get lucky though, and my clients will let me post one or two.  It’s my goal to have a new sexy client to share every week.  I know this will help inspire all you gorgeous women out there to jump in on the fun of celebrating who you are. Because you are beautiful, and I want nothing more than for you get in touch with all the grace and allure that you so often hide. Self love will set you free! I can promise you that a boudoir shoot with us will allow you to fall in love with yourself a little more!!

boudoir client feature
boudoir client featureboudoir client feature

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Three Things You need to Know Before Stepping Into a Boudoir Shoot

September 14, 2016

Three Things You need to Know Before Stepping Into a Boudoir Shoot

Three Things You need to Know Before Stepping Into a Boudoir Shoot

I have been doing this for a very long time!

And experience counts.

Boudoir shutterbugs have to be immensely talented, considerate, adroit and sensitive to pull off what they do. And each frame speaks volumes about the courage of a woman who chooses to go beyond her fears and her limiting beliefs to expose her raw, authentic self to the camera. It is beautiful and symbiotic alchemy. Each client I have worked with has molded my style in some way. And I like to think that the time spent with me blossoms qualities in dire need of nurturing. I am the shrink with the lighting.

So when the process is devalued and attributed sleazy objectives, I do not take kindly to the dissimulation.

But First Time Clients Still Come in With Confusion & Misconceptions:

Even though we are racing towards a time when women on the graceful side of 50 will think nothing of indulging in a boudoir session to commemorate their long journeys, there is still a lot of murkiness around what can be expected from a boudoir shoot.

It is in the best interest of both my lovely ladies and my fellow photographers to ensure that these three areas are spring cleaned before a single item of clothing comes off!  on in the photographs. They are a reminder of strength and beauty. So it is better to handle the experience professionally. If you come to the shoot cased in tight clothes that leave unseemly marks on your body or if you forget to follow a rigorous nourishment regime for your skin, then your clicks will not respect your true worthiness. They will not be as dreamy and gorgeous as you envisioned. And unfortunately, there can be no “re-takes” the next day! So even though an intimate session is all kinds of fun, as a client you must follow the guidelines set forth by your shutterbug. Trust her…she wants you to shine.

  1. Intimate Photographs Will Not be Heavily Photoshopped. You will still look like you! That is the whole point of the exercise. The only thing missing will be the wall of shame, inhibition and hesitance that you might have built around yourself. Trust your photographer with the technical side of things. Your snaps will be meticulously touched to remove any elements that might mar your natural perfection. But natural is the keyword here. You don’t want a stack of clicks that leave you with the pasty cast of too much airbrushing. You will be your lovely, vibrant self. And it will be breath taking.
  1. Intimate Snaps are Quality over Numbers. Your shutterbug will NOT share each and every image with you. You will only get the pick of the pack. Even veteran models do not look like sleek and poised divas in every frame. So do not expect the impossible from your boudoir experience. It is the job of your pro to sift through the chaff and present the very best – aptly touched – to reflect your best moments of the day. And it is your privilege to worry about nothing else! Get ready to sizzle on social girl. Your moment of pride is just a session away.

There is a lot more I want to share. And I will do that over subsequent blogs. But I hope I have been able to set the right expectations for your intimate journey! Open your heart and mind. You won’t regret your decision.

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Gypsy soul

September 10, 2016

gypsy soul

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Top 3 Boudoir Photo Trends for 2017

September 8, 2016

Top 3 Boudoir Photo Trends for 2017 You Just Can’t Miss

Top 3 Boudoir Photo Trends for 2017

For those of you who are already planning the boudoir experiences you want, I would like to bring your attention to these wonderfully vibrant and increasingly artistic trends that will make you go “I want that!”

Breaking Barriers & Stereotype:

Before diving deeper, I would love to comment on something. As an intimate photographer who has loved her craft and poured passion into her shoots for more than a decade now, it is really gratifying to take note of the shifts on the horizon.

The experimentation with pose, nuance, props and purpose has left me astonished.

There was a time when a boudoir session was almost taboo. Nice girls are not supposed to throw caution to the winds and expose themselves to the dispassionate lens of the camera now, are they? I had to create a “spiel” around empowerment and self-love to banish the doubts which inevitably plagued ladies in my studio.  Not a week goes by that my clients don’t tell me “This is really out of my comfort zone or  I’m only doing this for my partner, I just don’t see myself as sexy”

Can a get a “Hallelujah” because times are a changing.

A sense of independence now colors my interactions. Women are not only eager to enjoy the liberation and transformation that is there for the taking, they even want to bring their own perspective – perspectives that are traditional boudoir inspiration – to the table. They are focused on the aesthetics of the experience. They want to be bold, daring and different!

2017 is going to be epic. It is the best time to be an intimate photographer. And I am loving every bit of it!

Three Trends You Might Want to Consider:

Fitness BoudoirTop 3 Boudoir Photo Trends

– Boudoir and curves go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are inseparable! But do washboard abs and well trained gluteus figure in the scheme of things? Well now they do. More and more women are using the format of intimate sessions to celebrate their dedication to fitness and health. They are using the innate glamour and sensitive treatment of a boudoir segment to highlight the perfection of their physiques. They do not want to come across as sweaty and tired. They want to be portrayed as powerful glamazons who can take your breath away – with their beauty as well as the coiled energy of their lithe bodies. I for one think it is a tremendous merge. It takes the concept of respecting your own self to the next level.

Bohemian Boudoir Top 3 Boudoir Photo Trends

The panoply of colors. Flowing tresses. The fresh laurel wreath. And the carefree attitude. With soft silhouettes and a spirit of surrender, Bohemian boudoir is fast becoming a popular request. Even though I am not someone who puts an age to the experience of an intimate session, this particular setting and concept works amazingly well for the clients who are just crossing into the exhilarating and unpredictable territory of being an “adult”. Since such ladies have a hard time pulling off the smoldering sexuality and the cool sophistication, they can make the most of their lissome frames by embracing the bohemian beat. It is quirky; it is reminiscent of more innocent times. Comes highly recommended!

The Illusion Boudoirbathtub boudoir

– I have coined this name. Because I really think that the medium of a milk bath makes for the most dreamy and exquisite shots that can be pulled off without bringing in VFX power. It is jaw dropping what you can achieve with the contrast between smooth skin and translucent milk. The well-defined shape of the bathtub serves to bring the attention back to the subject. Scatter the milk bath with petals. Decorate the rim with jeweled, scented candles and then position the lady of the moment in a way that hides everything but the assets you wish to focus on. The tag team of milk bath and red lipstick has pushed many finances to buy that wedding ring! The end results are mesmerizing.

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