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Sexy Saturdays

September 24, 2016

Sexy Saturdays

Friday Boudoir Feature

September 23, 2016

boudoir los angeles boudoir los angeles boudoir los angeles

Monday Muse

September 20, 2016

Body framed

with arms outstretched,

wrist roped,

and roughly bound.

From a tiny mouth

and pretty lips,

you utter

not  sound

I paint with words,

a canvas stretched

laid bare

upon the ground

-Michael Faudet

monday muse

The Boudoir Legacy

September 20, 2016

The Boudoir Legacy: Celebrating Life & Making Memories

This may be the most sensitive and heart felt blog post I have ever taken the decision to pen.

I want it to be just perfect, not only for me but also for the wonderful, courageous and strong woman who inspires these words.

I have been shooting professionally for almost two decades now.

And I thought I had seen it all.

But when an email came through last, my paradigm shifted.

The Enquiry That Gave Me a New Perspective On What I Do:

Every morning I find fresh requests in my inbox.

But this one was different. Unique.

It made me pause my prep and read it twice.

I will not be taking any names. But she will know when she reads this piece.

The request for the boudoir shoot was rather unusual. Because the woman I would be working with was suffering from a terminal illness. Without diving into the details which are personal and intense, let me just say that perhaps for the very first time in my career my revert was, “Why do you want to have a boudoir shoot done?”

I just had to know!

The answer moved me to tears.

Living Life without Regrets. Loving Unconditionally:

She told me that she had spent years hesitant and hemmed in by the criticism society heaped on women. She told me how much she regretted not chasing her dreams earlier…not saying “yes” to life and her definition of it. She told me that the diagnosis had shed light on how many opportunities she had missed because on some level she may have been trying to conform to tacit expectations.

She told me that she wasn’t afraid of leaving this life. She was heartbroken for those who would have to stay on and contend with the loss.

She said that there were two reasons why she had decided to invest in a boudoir shoot – one was to give herself the love, the pampering, the freedom and the positive attention she hadn’t and the other was to leave captured in beautiful clicks the essence of who she is for those who will mourn her absence.

Your Boudoir Shoot is a Legacy:

I know we often bring fun and humor to a boudoir shoot. And that is wonderful. But this interaction has shown me how much more profound the experience can be. That the boudoir session is a woman’s way of leaving a legacy! A legacy that is untarnished and uninhibited by what society’s norms are because once she steps into the studio, her fears, her worries, her regrets are shed. She glows bright and vital in the closest reflection of her true self. It is a bold proclamation of ‘I came. I lived. It might have been rough. But I wasn’t conquered

I salute all the ladies out there who keep fighting each and every day. It is hard sometimes. But your life force makes this world a better place. Never stop praying for the miracle. It will come to you!



PS: I am doing a video interview with this inspiring woman and will have it up soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Vintage Boudoir: “Old is Gold” Making a Comeback

September 17, 2016

Vintage BoudoirVintage Boudoir: “Old is Gold” Making a Comeback

Did that boudoir connoisseur friend of yours invest in a vintage session? And now she can’t stop gushing about the experience and the quaint charm of the clicks?

Well she is not alone.

Vintage boudoir is coming back…with a vengeance.

Search for the term on Google and instead of seeing images of Victorian divas decked in leather and lace (there is precious little of that on the net), you will stumbled upon pages of boudoir studios offering vintage packages.

What is Vintage Boudoir You Ask?

Let me start with what it’s not.

A shutterbug who shots black and white snaps of her subject and then claims it is a “vintage” look either hasn’t researched vintage boudoir or she is purposely trying to sell her client short.

Vintage in this context refers to “old fashioned” or “classic”. So the end result or the images should reflect both qualities. If you are shooting in a modern setting and the only nod to being vintage is a sepia tint, then you can definitely do better.

To all intents and purposes vintage boudoir must transport you and those who appreciate your boudoir snaps back in time to a more risqué era when sheer slips and peeking nipples were the order of the day.

Yes you heard that right.

Vintage boudoir is hardly demure and self-conscious. If anything it tries to capture the essence of women who were asked to blatantly repress their sexuality and hence the photographs seethe with contained rebellion.

How Can You Go About Re-Creating the Boudoir Look?

Vintage Boudoir

The answer to this question can be broken into three parts.

  1. The props. Vintage boudoir can’t be tagged truly “vintage” unless you have silk, satin, lace and frills around. Literally. These fabrics and textures are reminiscent of glamour of yore and they must find place of pride in your shoot. Don’t just don them. Go plush and decadent and use them to cover the bed or the recliner. Lamps and candelabras are a great touch. You can also consider slipping a cigarette holder between your slim fingers and channeling Elisabeth Taylor. If that isn’t sass, I don’t know what is.
  1. The hair and make-up. Boudoir sessions are generally devoid of over the top facial enhancements. Since there is so much emphasis on letting a woman be her natural self, it is more about accentuating than altering her features. But in a vintage shoot make sure that the bold red lips and the dramatic eyes come through. You can let your hair loose or have your tresses in the tight curls that graced the visages of your favorite old Holly actresses.
  1. The poses & attire. This is obviously important. Vintage boudoir clicks have the magnetic power to hold admirers captive. The classic “looking in the mirror” shot popularized by Marilyn Monroe or a sensuous show of garters and stockings teamed with transparent negligees evoke magic.  One piece swim suits that just hint at the eventual bold evolution into the bikini look apt too.

Vintage BoudoirVintage Boudoir


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