Month: August, 2016

Art Crush – Michele Pred

August 18, 2016

Maybe it’s what’s going on in the crazy news, that got me hot on this, but when I saw

these bags something hit home! 

We’ve been been so far, traveled so long, and we have put everything on the line to fight for these things and how dare someone come in this day and age and try and take it away from us.

How fucking dare them!!! It’s not something I can really comprehend, the fact there are still people out there that want to take away our right away to choose.  Are you serious? Who are these fucking nut jobs, and let’s get rid of them as fast as possible!!

Yes, I am a true femenist, especially when it matters, which is all the fucking time right now. Without getting into politics, which I know , is a very sensitive subject right now.  We have much to

grieve, much to celebrate, and much work to on! As she has walked through 1000s of years of oppression and dominion and warfare, but she was carried through nonetheless and she is standing on our door. 

No she is not perfect, but may we continue to walk behind a prayer

for peace, harmony, truth, justice, and love to reign.

I’m with her!

Swedish American artist, Michele Pred focuses her work on creating visual descriptions that defy common cultural and political beliefs. Having debuted in museums across the world, Michele Pred is a feminist by all standards

and her art speaks up for women in a refreshing and new way.

She first gained notice in 2012 when she featured a tiara made of birth control pills in a ‘Miss Conception’ exhibit for Art Miami. In most recent years, she has utilized recycled and vintage purses to display meaningful messages that touch on women’s rights and equality. Since then her art has been seen anywhere from The New York Times to Paris runways.

Michele Pred

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Pre-Natal Boudoir

August 17, 2016

Pre-Natal Boudoir: Paying Homage to the Most Incredible Alchemy in the World

pre natel boudoir

It is alchemy…come to think of it.

Love in the physical form transmutes into the first stirrings of life. And the alembic where this magic happens is the womb.

Pregnancy is a strange and wondrous process.

Something that even the most sophisticated equipment in the world can’t replicate phase for phase.

At the end of the nine months – two lives start afresh. A baby is born. And a mother sets foot into this world. Priorities shift. And the concept of true unconditional love takes flight in a glad heart.

But often this sacred time in a woman’s life turns into an ordeal.

She doesn’t feel her “best beautiful”. Old clothes do not fit anymore. There is a bone deep weariness some days. And obviously the almost inevitable cravings followed by lack of appetite.

In short the beauty of the transformation hides deep under layers of difficult changes.

Happiness: The Pregnancy Must-Have

Yes, you need the balanced diet. Yes you need light exercise and adequate rest. We are well aware of these tenets of a healthy pregnancy.

But the thing that a gestating woman needs the most is happiness. She needs to feel excited about the miracle that her body is knitting – one cell at a time. And this exhilaration should not come at the expense of what she believes is her attractiveness. Only when a lady is confident that the new era that is about to begin will not see her turn into just a sounding board for her husband and the care giver of her child can she really look upon the experience of motherhood as the true expansion it is.

And this acceptance starts with the realization that pregnancy can really add depth and dimension to her beauty. That it is another achievement and a chance to excel at something new. An opportunity to bring forth someone who will leave a positive impact on the world and carry her genes!

Pre-Natal Boudoir Shoots

I have said it before and I will say it again. There is no better way to bring confidence and sensuality back to your life than a sizzling, crackling boudoir shoot.

Come on ladies!

Do you realize how astounding a feat you are about to accomplish? Don’t look upon your pregnancy as a mere biological function. It is a testament to your ability to create something unique and marvelous. It is your badge of honor for being a woman.

These are moments worth capturing for the years to come. And you absolutely should remember yourself at your very best.

So ditch those iPhone cameras and the quick shots in your PJs. They might be adorable but they do not do you justice.

Step into the boudoir parlor of a professional passionate shutterbug and allow yourself to be pampered. Highlight that glow on your face that no expensive make-up can ever mimic. Highlight that baby bump like a diva. Any which way you look at it, half the people in the world will never go through this life altering phase. You are lucky and blessed.

Let’s get to work ensuring you never forget the fact!

Pre-Natal Boudoir


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The annual 2 for 1 boudoir promo is here!

August 16, 2016

Say Hello To our Annual Two for One Boudoir Promo!


-You Get The Whole Day To Play!

-Make-Up And Hair for Two

– Champagne And Snacks For Two

-90 Min Session For Each Of You!

And don’t forget a whole bunch of memories you’ll never forget!

Are looking for a sign, here you go!

Call your sister, best friend, partner, hell, call your mom

and book a session today!

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August 12, 2016

This one is going to be direct. To my ladies out there! To you who have been secretly book-marking boudoir ideas and looking up photographers. Crafting the perfect boudoir experience in your head. But keeping it a secret. After all, what’s the harm in perusing you ask? It isn’t as if you are going to indulge in a session. Even if you happen to stumble upon the ideal photographer who can make you come across like a diva. You might be thinking, ahhh It’s silly, I would most likely not like the photos, It’s so far out of my comfort zone… And I’m sure there is a litany of more reasons where those came from.  Well humor me for a couple minutes.

girls gone wild, boudoir


How lucky am I that I was born in the day and time where more and more women have the liberated mind-set to embrace boudoir. I have spent a large part of my professional career busting myths and misconceptions about this beautiful, sensitive art and the transformation gratifies me!

However I do know that there is a long way to go before each and every woman in the world sees it as a platform for empowerment, catharsis and true blue body love.

An intimate session is not the monopoly of the lithe tigress who can eat you up alive with one smoldering look. It is not just for couples who can’t keep their hands off each other. This is the wonder of boudoir. It can be myriad things to myriad people. There doesn’t have to be any judgment involved. It is the discretion of the person commissioning the shoot. And no one else has the right to issue one negative comment.

But what I would like to convey to the ladies who just can’t bring themselves to pick the phone up and schedule an appointment is the fact that a well done boudoir session can be a hell of a lot of fun whether you think so or not, I promise you, you can’t not have fun with the team at Boudoir Los Angeles. Would you have these apprehensions if you wanted to get a spa massage? And here is the thing…the clothes come off on the massage table too. But you aren’t complaining about that, are you??


Do you know what they do to people who can’t jump off the sky diving planes? Yes you got that right. They are assigned a partner and then given the boot. Literally! And by the time they hit the ground…they are red in the face from screaming with sheer exultation. And they can’t wait to get back up there again.

So if you are apprehensive of what you might be signing up for, don’t lose your virginity alone. Bring your ladies along. A ‘Girls Gone Wild’ boudoir shoot is the best way to cement your bond and do something utterly different and exciting together.

Three pairs of lissome legs encased in black fishnet stockings are always better than one. And five taut buns lined in front of the camera make for an epic shot!!

In a typical boudoir run, a photographer can use one in 25 clicks. In a Girls Gone Wild session, the jitters disappear so fast and the energy is so high that almost every snap is a 10/10 winner.

And to seal the deal, the champagne flows and the make-up glows. If there is a heaven reserved for women to hang together…it is an intimate session. Would I lie to you?

Give it a shot! You won’t regret your decision.

It’s August and time for and annual two for one boudoir sessions! You get the whole day to play! Make-up and Hair for two, Champagne and snacks for two, and a 90 min session for each of you! And don’t forget a whole bunch of memories you’ll never forget! So if you are looking for a sign, here you go! Call your sister, best friend, hell call your mom and book a session today! August will be gone before you know it!


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Boudoir Before & After

August 11, 2016

Boudoir Before & Afters

I’ve struggled to put this page up, for one reason mainly, to respect my clients. After much deliberation I have decided that it’s important to for my perspective clients to see passion and skills behind the process from start to finish. Many woman end up on my site and think that I just photograph perfect woman, which is not true. I bring perfection to my work. Yes, I choose the best of the best to put on my website, which I get can be a little daunting, but I’m an artist with commercial background, so yes, I’m very particular on what makes it to the site. I also understand I probably loose a lot of clients by not doing so, so I think it’s about time to show that I can make any woman look and feel like she just walked off magazine photoshoot. You will have an super model  experience from start to finish.  I’ve been perfecting my retouching and editing for 10 plus years, so not only do you get an amazing photographer, you get extremely skilled retoucher. How can you go wrong?

before and after boudoir photos
Boudoir Before & Afters

Boudoir Before & AftersBoudoir Before & Aftersbefore and afterboudoir before and after retouching with photoshop

Shannon Marie Garst hair stylist. Lauren Bencomo as MU stylist. Tonya Kay of Pinup Pole Show as the model. boudoir before and after burlesque dancerboudoir before and after burlesque dancerBoudoir Before & Afters
boudoir retouchingAmy Taylor-1636_before_WEB
Boudoir Before & AftersBoudoir Before & Afters boudoir retouching

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