Month: August, 2016

Sexy Saturdays

August 28, 2016

Sexy Saturdays

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Sexy At Every Size

August 27, 2016

Sexy is not a ‘one size fits all’ style. Whether its lacey lingerie, your favorite jeans, or nothing at all, rock what makes you feel glamourous. Your glowing confidence will shine through my camera lens!

sexy at any size


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bubbles and boudoir

August 25, 2016

I always get excited about bubbles and boudoir time. What better way to end your shoot than with warm bubbly bath some fragrant candes and a glass of champagne! You feel fabulous, you look fabulous, and the photos are always fabulous!!!

bubbles and boudoir

bathtub boudoir

bubbles and boudoir


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My Guide to Cracking Boudoir Lingerie

August 22, 2016

Come on…admit it!

You love lingerie.

I mean, who doesn’t.

Women adore these flimsy, whimsical garments because they are fun, sensual, flattering and just all ‘round decadent. Men look upon lingerie as something wondrous and alien. The magic key to transform their significant others from practical ladies into sizzling divas!

We set a store by lingerie. We obsess over the brand. We make sure it is naughty (or nice) and we take pride in wearing the best of the best as one of the most traditional ways of expressing self-love.

But nowhere does lingerie take center stage (pun intended) like in an intimate shoot. Boudoir lingerie is a science and an art. The pieces should be provocative and aesthetically pleasing. They should look amazing and feel even more so. Because who wants to smile for the camera while the thongs try to creep into unexplored crevices of the body!

So here is my infallible pick of pieces that will set clicks on fire.

The Timeless Body Suit: This one is an oldie but a true blue goldie. Body suits are figure hugging. But not in a restrictive way! They flow naturally and accentuate the curves and valleys of femininity that are so alluring about us. Pair these suits with sheer stockings or with dangerously towering stilettos. This lingerie staple is flexible and can lend itself to any shoot backdrop.

My Guide to Cracking Boudoir Lingerie

The Baby Doll or the Teddy: Want to go for a youthful, casual effect with your choice of lingerie? The baby doll or the teddy is an absolute crowd…er…significant other pleaser. While the suits embody subtle sophistication and the knowingness of a woman of the world, the baby doll and the teddy give in to fresh and youthful vibes. If your photographer is planning to flaunt your gorgeous skin in some fabulous early morning light, these lingerie favorites paired with soft waves can capture your innocence and your vulnerability marvelously well. My Guide to Cracking Boudoir Lingerie

The Boy Shorts: Boy…are these comfortable or what! If you are aiming to bring a touch of “everyday” to your shoot and would like to pose with a steaming cup of coffee and a look of anticipation for the day ahead, boy shorts with vests ought to do the trick for you. Messed out of the bed and not caring about the picture I present is the sentiment that goes with boy shorts. My Guide to Cracking Boudoir Lingerie

The Robe:  The robe can cover a lot yet reveal everything. It is the ultimate peek-a-boo. Allow it to fall off your delicate shoulders. Or wrap it closer round your figure and let the translucence of the material speak to the camera. You might even stand under the shower with your robe on and light fires in all the right places. The choices are endless! My Guide to Cracking Boudoir Lingerie

An intimate shoot is all about your journey and creative expression! If experimenting with G strings is your thing or if corsets bring out the huntress in you, go ahead and shine in them! The world of boudoir lingerie is your oyster milady.

Check out some of my favorite lingerie on Pinterest

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Freeky Friday

August 19, 2016

The Muse

Body framed

with arms outstretched,

Wrists wropped

and roughly bound.

From a tiny mouth,

and pretty lips,

you utter not a sound.

I paint with words, a canvas stretched,

laid bare,

upon the ground. -Michael Faudet

Freeky Friday

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