Month: July, 2016

Flash Boudoir Sale

July 14, 2016

boudoir flash sale

Hey Lovely Ladies! 

You’ve been invited to join us for our next FLASH BOUDOIR SALE!

We will be hosting a day of luxury at our gorgeous downtown daylight studio on Saturday, July 30th.

For $95 you’ll receive:

  • A 30 minute session with 1 look

  • An in-person or skype viewing appointment

  • Phone pre-consultation

  • 1 High Resolution Files

For $195 you’ll receive:

  • A 60 minute session with up to 2 looks.

  • An in-person or skype viewing appointment

  • Phone pre-consultation

  • 2 High Resolution Files

  • $100 Print Credit

*Makeup can be purchased at an additional $125

This special summer event is first come first serve and will be limited to ONLY 5 SESSIONS. . This sale goes live on Friday, July 15th at 12:00pm and goes live for 72 hours only. Sessions will be gone in a flash, so if you would like to take advantage of this special offer, click here to reserve your spot and fill out our client form. And email for any questions!

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Dangerous Beauty

July 9, 2016

I know I shouldn’t be telling you this, she said, but I have an overwhelmingly urge to fuck you – right here, right now. -Michael Faudet

Dangerous Beauty

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The Art of Pin-Up Boudoir: Bringing Two Classics Together

July 7, 2016

The Art of Pin-Up Boudoir

Pin-Up Boudoir: Bringing Two Classics Together

Can you really have too much of a good thing?

The answer depends.

If the temptation in question is chocolate brownie – YES!

But if you are thinking along the lines of marrying the vintage women’s liberation movement of pin up with the modern take on boudoir, then let me give you a big enthusiastic thumbs up! You are right on track to sexyville!

Let’s Take a Look at The Art of Pin-Up:

Accept it!

There is nothing more glamorous than pin up.

Those well-coiffed curls, the demure coy smile and the look of surprise on the countenance of a true blue platinum blonde. Pin-ups gave birth to the concept of sensuality for the repressed women of the early 1900s. They were the much needed permission to acknowledge the fact that ladies had assets men found alluring. And that boldness could be appreciated by the opposite gender instead of being chastised.

Pin-ups unleashed the wild side of confined-to-the-kitchen females. And their popularity continued to soar in the post war era.

If you fancy a pin-up shoot, you are in for a classic, old world experience of charm and tease. These sessions do not really bare much. They hint at the curves and valleys of a woman’s form, leaving the explicit details to the imagination. And the surroundings are generally stark. The pertly perched beauty on the tiny stool is a classic pin-up pose. And the whole genre focuses singularly on the woman and her desirability. As a pin-up model she is all primed to titillate. And her rapt subjects are only too glad to bask in the glow of her lushness.

And Then There is Boudoir:

There is a lot of confusion between the two. Pin-ups and boudoirs! But to me the difference is crystal clear. Intimate shoots are what pin-ups have evolved into. When a lady is first exploring her ability to influence the world, she is the pin-up diva. Glad to have the attention of the men she wishes to enslave down the line. But as she matures and discovers her own sexuality, she is no longer content being the object of adoration. She wants to declare her independence. Her own preferences and fantasies take center stage.

She is the queen now. And she has to repose on a bed of satin to pamper herself. She looks deeply into the camera and challenges everyone to find fault with her uninhibited display. And if you are not invited in, you do not have the privilege to peek.

Nailing the Art of Pin-Up Boudoir:

So how do you bring the sweetness of pin-up to the sultriness of boudoir?

Well the setting can still be intimate. But the props, the make-up and the outfits should borrow heavily from the vintage era. Opt for curls and winged eyeliner. Or the famous polka dotted red head band. Form fitting bustier and sheer nylon stockings do the trick. The poses convey less abandon and more exploration.

This is the lady who hasn’t travelled the road. But she is open for adventure. She has not the experience of the boudoir goddess, but she is willing to learn. Perfect gifts for significant others who would love to initiate the education! If you know what I mean

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