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The Boudoir Bug: Intimate Shoots are Addictive

July 29, 2016

Bitten By the Boudoir Bug: Why Intimate Shoots Are Addictive 

Some things are like fine wine. They get better with time.

Boudoir shoots fall in that elusive category of life’s pleasures. When you step into my studio for the first time, I might detect some hesitance in you. I see your inner light, but sometimes you are neither aware of its brilliance nor are you ready to let it stream forth and dazzle the world. You need some coaxing. And don’t worry; I am a pro at soothing those nerves and putting you in the mood for fun.

And then the shots begin to sizzle. You have a glass of champagne maybe two, your make-up and hair look incredible, your’ve made it this far, and it’s time to shine! We experiment angels, I tell you what to do, where to look, and how to pose.I show you a couple photos, your jaw drops, and you look at me and say, omg he is going to die. This is the turning point, the beautiful moment where you can see yourself through a different lens, and well, you really like it! In fact, you love it! My encouragements coupled with the camera’s stark, unbiased appraisal of your beauty imbue you with confidence.

the boudoir bugYou GET it!

There is absolutely no one around to judge you or the session.

And you pour your heart, soul and passion into the process.

The first stage is what I call “Discovering your Inner Sass”. We are told repeatedly, that exhibitionism and vanity are sins. And we end up forgetting to cherish our own bodies and appreciate our feminine charms. The intimate ambience of a boudoir shoot is the right place to step out of the cocoon of self-oblivion and embrace the fire, passion, sheer gorgeousness and desire that we all possess and should never be ashamed of owning. A woman who has discovered her inner sass is now confident of her own place in the world. She understands that she has power over her own life and what others tag the “truth” or a “standard” is nothing but false consensus. This is the start of blooming. And it is awe inspiring to witness.

The next stage is “I Have Fantasies”. As the session peaks, the boldness speaks. The lady in front of the camera is no longer coming to terms with her own beauty. She is past that phase. She is now eager for a taste of the wilderness beyond. She wants to be the femme fatale her parents condemned when she was young. She wants to be polyamorous. She wants to dive deep into fetishes. She starts channeling her inner desires, giving voice to parts of her personality she had buried deep inside. This is cathartic. It is what psychologists call shadow work. But instead of sitting zoned out, trying to do it mentally, she has amazing snaps to show the world. And declare her freedom.

The last stage is “The Glow of Peace”. Women no longer look to prove a point. They simply enjoy the flow of the shoot. They know that I am capturing gems in frames they will cherish forever. They don’t want to tuck in their tummies or feel conscious of love handles. They are queens of their own realm. And happiness is evident in each line of their body.

When you walk out of a boudoir session, you carry the positivity around with you for weeks.

And whenever there is a new high scaled or a new milestone achieved, the mind and heart automatically gravitate towards the freedom, peace and abandon that laid the foundation of being joyous.

Some women visit spas. Some women have boudoir shoots. It is a celebration – a therapeutic celebration of life and self-love.

 In lieu of this article, I decided it’s been some time since I stepped in front of the camera to celebrate my own body, so I dusted off my tripod, set up the scene, stripped down and stepped into the light. Now I just turned 37 years young, and just like many of you, I go through the same obnoxious conversations with my body. After so many years of doing this, and seeing the transformation of my clients how could I not believe the truth before my eyes. The more you celebrate the body god gave you, and love it, really fucking love it, the more confident you become,  and the more you shine. 

Furthermore, more nudy judy photos to come!!


July 28, 2016

I sure am. I think that’s why my work is always changing, evolving and pushing the limits of my imagination!

Bold Boudoir


July 27, 2016

Think of me as an uncharted map

I want your hands to explore every city, town and village

-Michael Faudet

a muse mea muse me a muse me

3 Sexy Boudoir Poses

July 22, 2016

3 Sexy Boudoir Poses With Meaning

A boudoir shoot is a ‘red letter day’ in a woman’s life, especially if she is a boudoir virgin! I compare it with the classic wedding day jitters. There is apprehension. There is excitement. There is the feeling of losing control and being at the mercy of your lover. The only exception, in the case of intimate photography, is that the lover isn’t judgmental. If you stare deep into its eyes, you see yourself reflected back in all your glory. This lover sets you free. And awakens a side of your personality that you never knew existed.

Yes, a camera can do all that and much more. And it is the “wizard’s too”l that turns a boudoir shoot into a transformation that is deep, cathartic and profound.

Boudoir Shoots Become Memories for Life:

If you have never experienced the pampering and the boost of self-confidence that an intimate session endows you with, is often due to the fact that most photographers rhapsodize about the process may seem a little ‘forced’. But take it from me. Exaggeration is not an option. We see women leave our studios changed for the better. And we see their liberation spill over to influence other aspects of their lives. That is why we are so passionate about our craft.

And special momentous events need special prep.

Your boudoir lens woman should be able to direct you in a way that brings your coquettishness, your playfulness or your sensuality to light. But here are a few poses that make some pretty profound statements as well. Take a look 3 sexy boudoir poses:

boudoir posing

The ‘I Wish You Were Here’ – This one is reserved for women who embrace boudoir to thrill their significant others. The I Wish You Were Here is deceptive and thus more exciting. On the surface it is a beautiful women ensconced in a casual shirt, suggestively unbuttoned. But the recipient understands the significance. The item in question happens to come from his wardrobe.  Donning the fiancé’s clothes makes him feel desired and special. And turns the click into something that deepens your bond with an unspoken promise of passion and love. He is your number one and when he isn’t around, what lies next to his skin, wraps you! How naughty is that?boudoir posing

2. The ‘I Am on My Knees’ – I mean common, It’s just fun to say. Get on you your knees sexy! Ha! I love my career! I really never thought when I graduated from art school, I would get to say such things, but I do, and so what, I think it’s marvelous to get to say things only guys usually do! Because getting down on all fours seems suspiciously like submission to some. If you are self-conscious about your bust line or your abs, having the hands up, cupping your face covers everything up with class and sophistication. And it is a strong message of empowerment. A woman goes down when she wants to. She can’t be ‘made’ to! sexy buodoir posing

3.The ‘I am Sexy 24*7’ – There is something intensely sensual about a woman who is in touch with her gorgeousness 24*7. I feel like we can easily compare ourselves to women in magazines. Woman that seem to look amazing no matter what! Even though I know it’s all fantasy, I often find myself saying, “how does she always look so f*##* impeccable” It’s just not fair my skin does not look that amazing when I get up. Raaaar! I think every women including myself should feel beautiful 24*7 and I think that can be obtained by a classic I am sexy 24*7  photo!!! She doesn’t spruce up for that special night out. She is not striving to show the world her beauty. On the contrary she enjoys herself in everything she does. She glows with the inner light of self-love. Boudoir shoot poses that convey this sentiment by glamorizing everyday poses are becoming increasingly more popular. There is innocence in them, a lack of self-consciousness that allows your true spirit to flow through and power the shots. They reflect the true essence of boudoir. 

You are desirable. You are delish! It is just a matter of finding the angles that make your clicks sing and present you as the dynamo that you truly are. If you are planning a shoot and need some boudoir posing ideas, check out my posing lust pinterest page! Have a great weekend!!

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun!!!

July 15, 2016

girls just wan

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun!!!

Nothing like some good old vitamin D to make you feel sexy and new again! Summer has this warmth, this laid back lazy feel to it that makes me want to unwind, drink lots of wine, lay by the pool listen to Catoma… Or the next beach house mix that I’m obsessed with for the week. It reminds me to live a little, which we always should try and do to do more of! Right!

A large part of it is nostalgia. Summers to me are hours spent on the Santa Barbara beaches, young, healthy, inspired and reading great books and day dreaming about all the things life could become. Or maybe it’s those sultry nights amidst the sea of a thousand swaying bodies in Ibiza dancing my little heart out. Whatever it is, there’s so much I love about summer!!

Last week was my 37th birthday and every year around this time I start to ask a lot of questions. What am I doing? Where am I going? Am I on the path intended for me? The good deep stuff!! Birthdays are milestones worth celebrating, but me, I find a strange kind of satisfaction in moving away from the hustle and bustle of life to ponder the implications of another 365 days gone. 365 days over which I have either touched lives and made differences
or I have just gone through the motions of living……

I expect a lot out of myself. And although I have come a long way, it can be daily challenge to feel that I have done enough. I’m always aiming to be the best I can be. It’s pretty clear, I am a fighter, and I don’t know how to quit! It is also clear that I chose the challenges I did to make myself stronger. The older I get and the deeper I dive into the depths of my soul,
the more power I see hidden inside. Every year is a mission to
peel away the layers and get closer to my heart!

We all have this incredible force inside us waiting to be unleashed! It’s right there swirling within. We just have to be bold enough to channel it! Because often we are scared of our own brightness. It is so pure and iridescent that it might pale the world around us, put the spotlight on us!

But life is full of choices. And in each moment we can choose to be our own glorious self. Or we can bow down to the
opinions of society and the expectations of others.

So right now I want to issue an invitation. To exercise your divine right to choose. And to expand. Just for this summer, forget what is expected of you. Instead focus on what you want!

Do you want to feel the sun of your face and be free? Do you want to touch that core of utter confidence in you that made you preen in your little red dress on the beach all those years ago? Do you want to be on top of the world? If the answer is ‘Yes’, don’t wait. You know what to do! Go ahead and remind yourself of your own spark, of the reason you are here!!

I will clap from the side-lines.

Shine On,
Maris Leigh


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