Month: May, 2016

Playa Viva

May 15, 2016

A few months ago I went to Mexico to help my dear friend Sarah out with starting her youtube channel, easy love.  

After missing my flight then my connection, I ended up in Mexico City. I left the airport against Curtis’s wishes in hopes to discover something worth while. That’s just what I do, adventure! Theres no adventure in the airport.  I’m a big girl and I do whatever I want, trailed through my mind. I’ll never be hurt and things always turn out to be ok is how I travel. So far so good.

I’ve traveled all over Europe alone, done some pretty boarder line not so smart things, but I never really questioned my safety more than once or twice. Some would argue I am crazy, naive, but I like to say, I just don’t assume negative shit is going to happen. Plain and simple.  Sure, I’m an optimist. You can call it luck, stupidity, or sorcery, I have always felt pretty safe walking around with my expensive camera gear.

This day was a different. Maybe it’s because I had Curtis in the back of my head reminding me that women get kidnapped and sold into the slave market, maybe it was just that we were driving through one of the sketchiest neighborhoods I’ve ever seen with a driver that did not speak english, or just maybe it was the 20,000 dollars worth of gear with me, or that I did not really know where I was going, either way, it was the longest 16 hours I’ve been stuck somewhere. 

Needless to say I could not get out of there fast enough! When I finally arrived to this magical, sustainable, off the grid, ocean side piece of paradise, my whole being shifted. It was immediate and in a instant and it was clear, Playa Viva can change your life. And it did…..

Check out our adventure here and check back in a few days! We got to shoot some sexy great photos on the beach and in the bungalows that I’ll be posting.

XX Marisa

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Boudoir Client Feature

May 13, 2016

Just look at this lovely bride to be! Lucky me right! I love my clients so much!!!

boudoir client feature
boudoir client featureboudoir client featurebridal boudoir client featurebridal boudoir client feature



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Hot Erotic

May 10, 2016

She Said

Romance is all well and good, but…. I’m just not in the mood for whispered sweet nothings or your finger tips running softly through my hair. What I want more than anything, is for you to treat me like your own personal sex doll.

Don’t kiss me, make me bite my lip

– Michael Faudet

hot erotic

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Couples Boudoir

May 9, 2016

I am just so excited right now that I am alive at the time where two people, no matter the color, race, the sexual preference can openly display their love and attraction for one another. It was not long ago that this was a big tabu. It was not long ago where it was illegal for two people could celebrate who they truly are.
Not only do I feel lucky to be alive in a time where you can love whoever you want to, I feel blessed that I get to capture the love between all these unique people. I never thought when started my business that I would be capturing hot and steamy photos of women and men, especially not two men, but I must say, every love story I shoot, I grow more as an artist and as a person.
Couples boudoir is no joke. It is tough enough dealing with one persons insecurities, but now you have two. And most likely one of them is a man and has no idea how to pose at all. Men are so funny. I shot weddings for years and shooting the guys was always the hardest. Guys are just awkward in front of a camera. I almost always had to walk over and physically adjust them into the right pose. Engagement sessions were always tough too. Most of the guys just thought it was silly, and others are as stiff as my drink on a Friday night. Ok, to be fair there were a few that got into it and made the best of it, but the majority of guys just don’t like taking photos.
So here we are! Now I have guys doing much more exciting things than giving his girl a good dip and kiss. Lol! I am so thankful for all my experiences and everything I have shot over the last ten years. It has brought me to this pinnacle point in my career where I can do this. And I get to take my work to a new levels! Not only has all my experience given me the confidence to work with all kinds of people, I know what to do, how to pose people and most importantly, make them feel comfortable taking their clothes off in front of a stranger. Being intimate for some is not the easiest task, and then try putting them without their clothes on and a camera on top of them. Telling them to act natural is not going to do the trick! Couple boudoir is ambitious and I applaud every couple that walks in the door to do it! Each person is trusting me to capture something so profound, something deeply sexy and personal, and boy oh boy do I feel honored.
Over the weekend I shot super sexy couple, and it was really an amazing experience. I woke up inspired to write this post. I never know if I will have the ability to post, but I sure hope so. I’m sure it would inspire lots of people!
If you have ever thought about doing a couples boudoir session, and have questions, please feel free to reach out!

Here’s the mood board I made for them

couples boudoir


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Mothers day boudoir promo

May 7, 2016

mothers day boudoir promo

Hey sexy ladies. Can you believe this beautiful woman has two kids? This hot mamma is my dear friend Sarah. We shot in palm springs a couple months ago to feature a few sustainable lingerie lines for her youtube channel, Easy Love. Sarah is a single mom who is stopping at nothing to pursue her passion. I’ll never forget sitting in the car one late hollywood night with her, when she told me about this dream. It’s been less than a year and with juggling 2 kids, and working around the clock, she has somehow managed to make this dream a reality. In the short 1 year that I’ve know her, she has inspired me, reminded me that anything is possible and if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen.

No matter what our circumstances are, trust me there will always be something. It’s our passion that will keep us alive and living life to the fullest.  I know she feels guilty for not spending more time with her children, but I can’t think of a better example, to teach children how important it is to follow your passions and to go after something with all your heart, no matter how scared you are. 

It’s always in the most uncomfortable, where we grow the most! If everything is easy, than we settle, we adapt, and we forget our greatness. 

It was only fitting that she be on my mother’s day boudoir promo as she resembles everything it is to be a powerful, sexy, ambitious woman. My mother’s day promo is here to celebrate that sensational women you are. Or maybe it’s the perfect gift for the woman in your life that deserves to feel fabulous.

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Remind the woman of your life just how beautiful she is and give her the gift she deserves. 

Treat her to a unique “spa” day with a luxurious boudoir shoot for $295.

She’ll be pampered by our hair and makeup team, indulge in complimentary hors d’oeuvres and champagne, and be captured in her most sexy light in our gorgeous downtown daylight studio. She’ll also receive a $200 print credit that she can use towards creating a timeless photo album, photo box, or any other of our beautiful prints and products.

Book before May 30th to take advantage of this very special mother’s day promotion.

Email to reserve a session and give her the best gift she’ll ever receive.

Body Suite Hanky Panky Shoes Steve Madden

Check out the video

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