Month: April, 2016

between love and madness

April 12, 2016

Is often where I find myself….

couples boudoir

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Do you need a quickie

April 7, 2016

Hello April!! As much a I love the smell of coffee, bloomed roses and new beginnings, I equally love the satisfaction of a good quickie. Here at boudoir los angeles, we often celebrate the things I love, so for the whole month of April say hello to our, “Do You Need A Quickie” boudoir promotion.

do you need a quickie

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good quickie!

For the entire month of April we will be offering ‘quickie’ mini photoshoots. 

I have a feeling that once you have a little taste of how fun it is, than maybe just maybe you’ll come back for more. I know there are a lot of you out there that are afraid of any major commitments, so this is a perfect way to test the waters out for y’all. Honestly, can you ever have enough sexy photos of yourself? 

For a discounted price of $195, you’ll receive a 30 minute boudoir mini-shoot and two high resolution digital retouched photos. Now that’s sweet deal!!

 Additional digital photos are available at a discounted rate for this special promotion.  

 If you’ve been thinking, maybe I just need a quickie, well than here’s your sign!

Limited sessions available. Book your quicky session today by emailing

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beauty at any age

April 7, 2016

I finally got to take a photo of my gorgeous 89 year old nonni. She is my only grandparent left and I can’t stop staring at this photo. I see the strength, the pain, the wisdom. I see the words she has never said, and the tears never cried. I see a softness, in her eyes, that fascinates me.

beauty at any age

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Shine Bright! Don’t Hide Your Light!

April 5, 2016

This isn’t really related to intimate photography or art in any way. But I was deeply impacted by the findings of an academic study which showed, with conclusive proof that women under-rate their performance all the time. They undermine their own intelligence and creativity just to fit the stereotype of being compliant and submissive! And these are MBAs and PhDs who should have no reason to suffer from insecurities.

The sad truth is women – from all walks of life – are afraid of letting their light shine bright. They do not want to be the center of attention. They do not feel they are worthy of love and adulation. And most of all, they are wary of stepping into their full potential lest they aggravate those who expect them to stay in the background and gently cheer on their men.

I have seen this time and again. I do not claim to be a psychiatrist. But like a good bartender, a boudoir photographer can’t help but be witness to such transformations that a lot of what wouldn’t be shared is brought to light. Literally! In all senses!

“I am overweight”

“I am too old for this”

“I don’t have anyone whom these pictures will excite”

The excuses to not step in front of the camera are endless. And all the while the eyes implore me to refute them. Tell them they are perfect just as they are. Tell them that a man is not a pre-requisite for a boudoir shoot. Tell them that they are enough and they will rock each and every click like a goddess.

And I do that! Not because I am pandering to their ego or trying to boost their self-esteem. I genuinely believe each and every word I utter. Platitudes have never been my style.


It is great that intimate shoots are becoming popular. My heart sings whenever I open my Inbox. But there is one aspect of the publicity that I do not really like.

Photographers, wedding planners and all the professionals who generally recommend boudoir shoots to women push it as a ‘perfect’ experience. Which it is! But in terms of the prep work, the clicks and the final results. The lady in question doesn’t have to live up to someone else’s idea of perfection. You see an intimate shoot isn’t about busts and derriere’s and pouts. It is not floss without substance. A boudoir shoot is catharsis. It is the womb from which a new woman emerges – strong, powerful, confident and ready to embrace life.

So I urge women everywhere to flip the situation.

If you think you don’t look good in bustier and tight clothes, come to me and I will show you how the graceful lines of your lovely body make you a true miracle of nature. I will teach you to celebrate the way you are built because that is what the universe intended for you.

If you are feeling down and out after a tough relationship has bitten the dust – come to me and let’s make your shoot the war cry of your new life – the life in which you do not settle for second best. The life that you lead with your head held high. The life that tells people to love you just the way you are because God doesn’t make any mistakes.

Let everyone see your beauty. And if they can’t handle it – too bad! It’s their loss. You are not allowed to shrink in stature to make someone else feel comfortable. You are not allowed to judge yourself harshly because of the way others behave from a place of insecurities.

Come to me and let’s stir some magic in your world. The camera is waiting……

Boudoir Shoot

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Pretty Tough

April 1, 2016

It’s been one hell of a life and I often think I have gotten to where I am today by being a pretty tough cookie.  I’ve built this layer of armor around me that can withstand anything. Whatever comes my way, I know my bad ass shield will keep me from getting hurt.  God knows I am thankful for my tough skin, but at what point do you take your armor off?  At what point do you do you allow the feelings to rush in, to take over?  At what point do you surrender?

Right now surrendering is all I can think about.  Surrendering to love, Surrendering to the ego, and surrendering to this pretty tough girl who thinks she knows everything.

pretty tough

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