Month: November, 2015

Inhale love – Exhale Gratitude

November 26, 2015

It seems so simple right. Just be thankful and the world will give you more of what you want. If it were so simple, why are so many people walking around complaining about everything. Why aren’t more people just happy to have a roof over their head, food to eat, a warm and soft place to sleep, and the people they love standing close to them. We have more than what we need, so why is it so hard to stay in a space of gratitude? What is it that keeps us from being happy with all that we have? What stops us from being thankful for the gifts that other people in the world could only dream of?

Is it the need to impress others? Are we trying to prove something to ourselves or have we just been conditioned over the last 100 years to never be satisfied with what we have?

It’s easy to want what other people have, it’s easy to always think it’s never enough, it’s easy to believe that once you have what you want you’ll be happy. But I don’t want to do what’s easy, because what comes easy doesn’t last, and easy doesn’t make you grow! I don’t want the easy ride, I want to work for it, every bit of it. I want to feel the pain, I want to know the truth, no matter how hard it hurts. I want it all, the blood, sweat and tears and instead of be consumed by it, I want turn it into something beautiful.

Because in the end, if you are not grateful for it all, then what was it all worth???

I hope you are grateful for everything, good and bad, because everything has a message to learn from. No matter how it comes to you, you have the power to turn it into something that could change your life. Be thankful for your struggles, because within them you’ll find your strength and within that strength you will inspire others to do the same!

I am thankful for you, I am thankful for all the clients that have turned to friends, and all the friends that have become my family. I am thankful for all the dreams that have become a reality.
And most of all, I am thankful for the gratitude in my heart that permeates my soul and the people I love.

Happy Thanksgiving all you beautiful people!!

inhale love

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November 23, 2015


Mason Cooley was right when he said the only way to cure an obsession is to get another. And I personally feel that our obsessions define who we become in life.

Mine was to capture beautiful moments and gorgeous women in their glorious best, for all of eternity to admire. And look where it has landed me!

I literally can’t imagine my world, my existence without that intoxicating click of the camera and the anticipation as each perfect image reveals itself.

Photography is my passion. And I have nurtured it into an obsession.

But not all obsessions can be shared with the world. Some are meant to stay locked in the theatre of my mind. And be a cherished secret. Some are meant to undulate with froth and fervor against the bedrock of our psyche and influence our motivations in the subtlest ways. Obsessions are tricky. They are intense. And an intimate session is the best way to play them out. And treasure the result forever!


I have said it before and I will say it again. A boudoir experience with the right lens-woman and the right reasons is transformative! And it puts you in touch with deep recesses of your soul you didn’t know existed. You give in to shyness and exhibitionism with equal ardor. Unless a woman has been through the boudoir womb, she is not cognizant of her own true self.

And it is only natural that the appreciative ambience of an intimate shoot and the dispassionate, objective eye of the camera be the stage upon which obsessions come to rule.

Is there something that you have always wanted to express but feel it goes against your genteel upbringing? Is there a seductress and sex goddess hiding behind the façade of the suave corporate lady? Have you always hankered for your Christian Grey and your Red Room of Pain? And have you kept these desires and needs suppressed to conform to what is expected of you?

Think for a moment. Think real hard. And you will get an answer so emphatically affirmative that you might shock your image of who you are.

Well my lovelies, the parlor is open. And the lights are turned down low. There is no leash on your wild side. And no repercussions! You can spin the web and enslave as many as you want. Or you can step in willing and compliant to be overpowered and taken.

Obsessions are my daily game. And I have seen them all.

From bold extreme shoots to leather and lace, handcuffs tableaux. From the seething passion of a couple’s embrace to an intimate display of ‘assets’ fond partners are obsessed with!

Come and tell me what you want. And I will give you the freedom you need. I do not judge…I do not tell. My lips are sealed and my camera is ready for the next adventure.

Your partner-in-obsession,



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Self Reflection

November 20, 2015

As a child I was bullied. I can’t even tell you how hard this is for me to admit. Only a few of my closest friends know this and it’s not something I openly talk about. I think i’ve been actually unwilling to come face to face with it because, I’m a different person now. I’m strong, I’m successful, I’ve built and empowering business, I’ve traveled the world,  I have amazing friends and I proved to all those mean kids that I am not stupid. So why should I, why should I dive back into those painful times. The times where I would hide in a secret backroom in the school bathroom and cry my eyes out because nobody liked me, to the 100’s of lunches that I spent by myself because no one wanted to play with me, why in the world would I go back to a time where my mom would pick her 8 year old daughter at school and everyday she would say, I hate my life, why is it so hard and why does everyone hate me? Who in their right and logical mind would ever want to go back to a place filled with so much pain and shame?

Over the last few months, I have been doing a lot of digging, searching and a lot of trying to understand why I do the things that I do. Why do I often neglect my needs, why do I put everyone in front of me, and why can’t I make the big leap into the greatness I’ve always wanted for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, life is good, I have everything I need, I love what I do, I have the love of my life and I have more ambition that I know what to do with. Everything looks good, sounds good, but something is missing, something big.

I’ve always been a dreamer, from as long as I can remember, my mother told me I could be whoever I wanted to be and if I put my mind to it, I could make anything happen. Thank god for that, because I don’t think I would have had the strength to follow my passion. She said don’t follow the money, follow your heart, so that’s what I did.

I followed my passion and I never gave up, but along the way I got lost. Although I was following my art, it became about surviving, and instead of making art for myself, I began making art to impress other people. Something special was put away, because I needed to make a living, I needed to survive, and so everything and everyone else became more important than me.

I am so proud of the business I built. I have put my heart and soul into it. I think one of the reasons I have done so well, is because of my pure and authentic passion to show women how beautiful they are. Because of the adversity I experienced, I have always had this deep visceral feeling that It’s my purpose to make women feel good about themselves because that was something that was missing for me and maybe on many levels still is. I see my beauty and my strength through my clients everyday. I believe that by reminding my clients that they need to start loving themselves more, I am clearing reminding myself.

I have some BIG dreams in front of me, so in order for me to take the big leap am I taking the big plunge. The deep plunge into the pain, and the shame of the the little girl who never felt liked or heard. So I write this because I want to take you on my journey, my journey of pushing through the pain and to the front of my creative genius.

I hope that my continued shameless honesty and venerability will  inspire you to go out and find your cause, your passion and your voice!

With Love, Marisa

self reflection

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November 14, 2015

Can you imagine a life that inspires you everyday? Can you imagine a life where you give more of yourself than you take from others! This beautiful people is what passion is made of. If you can’t imagine this, it’s time to re-imagine your life. The more you give the more you get! The more you love, the more you live. You have the power to change your world at any moment, yes I said you. Please remember you were not born to be perfect, you were born to be GREAT! Find your greatness, it’s in every single on of you!

Can you imagine a life that inspires you everyday? Can you imagine a life where you give more of yourself than you take from others! This beautiful people is what passion

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Flash Boudoir Sale

November 12, 2015

Flash Boudoir Sale

For $195 you’ll receive:

  • A 45 minute session with up to 2 looks.
  • An in-person viewing appointment
  • Phone pre-consultation
  • $100 credit print credit

This boudoir flash sale is first come first served and will be limited to only 5 sessions. The SALE will go live November 12th at 9am and will remain open until November 24th until 11:59pm. Sessions will be gone in a flash, so if you would like to take advantage of this special offer, contact us today to reserve your spot. 

*Makeup and hair can be purchased at an additional $125

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