Month: March, 2015

sexy legs

March 12, 2015

Yes, you could say I am obsessed with sexy legs and I don’t think I will ever run out of new ways to shoot them!

It comes from my mother and her beautiful legs. She was a dancer as was I, so I grew up looking at ballerinas and marveling at their long, strong, beautiful legs. I don’t think anything is sexier than a women in sexy high heals and a seductive outfit. My appreciation for sexy legs is obviously apparent.

haute legshaute legshaute legs

haute legshaute legshaute legs

haute legshaute legshaute legshaute legs

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Natural Light Boudoir

March 11, 2015

Taking Advantage of Natural Light to Shoot Boudoir

There are no artificial light sources which compare with the radiance of natural light. Natural light boudoir is stunning and once you have mastered it, no artificial light will look the same to you. Plus, properly using natural light is one of the best ways to flatter your Boudoir clients.

There’s a reason why I chose my 5,500 square foot studio in Los Angeles – my big beautiful west and north facing windows along the entire wall allow for the most beautiful sunlight to come shining through, giving me the versatility I need to capture my subjects the way I need to. I also use big silks as well over the windows to make the light even softer.

One of the things people don’t like with natural light is that you have to be at its mercy. As the sun moves, the light changes, and sometimes this will work to your benefit, and sometimes, it will make it impossible to shoot. Fortunately for me, living in Los Angeles, I don’t have to worry much about rainy days – but for many photographers across the country, dealing with dark stormy days can be difficult.

Despite the obstacles, you can still use natural light to your advantage. Because not only is it a fuller, more flattering source of light, it doesn’t require any expensive setups. All you need is a window, a beautiful subject, maybe a reflector, and you can make magic happen.

If you plan to shoot outside, there are certain types of day which mean better light for capturing your subjects. Generally, between 10 AM and 3 PM, when the sun is high overhead, is the worst time to schedule a session. The sun will cause harsh shadows to fall. Shooting outside this window, during the golden hour or just before or after, will diffuse the light and give you much more freedom.

If you do choose to shoot between these times, you can a variety of light modifiers like scrims. Scrims will absorb light and create more depth in your photographs. They will also soften the light just like a big softbox.

If you have not used silks or scrims in your boudoir photoshoots, I high suggest you give it a try! You will be hooked!

natural light boudoir

natural light boudoirnatural light boudoirnatural light boudoirnatural light boudoir

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From Burlesque to Boudoir

March 2, 2015

From Burlesque to Boudoir

There are few things more tantalizing than the arc of a female body in motion, which explains the popularity of Burlesque from its earliest beginnings to the modern era. But most people don’t realize the connection between Burlesque and Boudoir Photography. The truth is that without Burlesque, the worship of the female form as more than just an object but as a symbol of liberation, there would not be Boudoir as we know it today. In fact, we might still be faced with a cultural taboo.

How Burlesque Inspired Boudoir

In the latter Victorian era, beneath the high collars and prim respect abilities, there thrived a seedy underbelly of so-called “tasteless debauchery.” This was just society’s way of condemning the people for having any fun. But society as such would not stand. There were many eclectic souls who eschewed the typical high brow nature of polite society, with its stuffy cocktail parties and small talk, for adventurous evenings with alcohol and strong, independent minded women.

It was a cultural revolution.

Burlesque became a movement because it symbolized a move away from the old way of doing things. Women no longer had to be mousy and taciturn, they could be bold, confident, daring, and independent. Burlesque dancers could be curvaceous or thin, blonde or brunette, young or mature.

The only thing that mattered was that they loved their bodies and wanted to show them off in glamorous fashion. This is the essence of Boudoir. Women aren’t meant to hide themselves away, they are meant to be celebrated.

No matter your shape or your size, you have to own it, and be proud of it.

A few months ago I shot some promo images for Tonya K’s new show. Tonya is one special lady and I’m always so honored to work with her.

 As a stage performer, Tonya Kay has toured for 3 years in STOMP, flown in the aerial phoneme De La Guarda, toured with Panic At The Disco and Kenny Rogers, danced in New York and LA concert tap dance companies and is a Second City Hollywood trained improv comedian, starring in Lip Dub Divorce Proposal which was featured on The Today Show and went viral. She is known as “The Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood” hosting and performing burlesque in Hollywood’s most notorious hot spots as host, soloist and company member of Lalas Burlesque, appearing regularly with Gypsy Rose Burlesque, Tease If You Please and at TRiPTease or special guest star for hire.

But there is more to Tonya Kay than her multi-faceted performance career. 

She is a philanthropist, generously donating to NORML, The Serengeti Foundation, The Tree People, The Witch’s Voice, Survival International, Animal Defenders International, Performing Animal Welfare Society, Sea Turtles Restoration Project, Center for Biological Diversity and reforestation projects via CarbonFund. She has traveled 18 countries to volunteer her physical body to the preservation and protection of endangered species including the Asian elephant at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park and sea turtles with Costa Rica’s PRETOMA. And she writes about it all.

And it keeps going. Recently, Tonya had a brilliant idea to combine everything she loves and produced her own hit show, pin up pole show!  She assembled an award winning cast of pole dancers and curated a collections of classic cars, vintage styling and nostalgia films that culminates in a sassy, hilarious pinup pole show. This splash is a full on retro-burlesque sensibilities and a rockin vintage soundtrack!”

If you can’t tell, I highly recommend it! If you live in Los Angeles, please go and see it, I promise you won’t regret it. 

Aaaand I’m off again. This time to wppi to catch up and meet up with all my favorite photographer friends! I’m sure I’ll be back with lots of inspiration!



Burlesque BoudoirBurlesque BoudoirBurlesque Boudoir 1

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