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Flash Boudoir Sale Countdown

December 31, 2014

Tick Tock, Tick Tock!  The Flash Boudoir Sale Countdown is almost over.  It’s a new year and it’s not too late to get that one special gift for the new you!

Go for it!  Take the leap.  Be bold!  Let go of those silly thoughts  “I’m not good enough” “I’m not smart enough”  “I’m not thin enough”  “I’m not young enough”  These thoughts are all poison and they need to thrown in the stinkin toilet!  So Say goodbye, wish them away with the rest of the shit you don’t need anymore! You are enough!  You are whole complete and perfect just as your as.  There will never been another quite like you!  Drink some Champagne to that!

Make 2015 the most passionate year of your life!  Live Large, Follow Your Dreams, Be the Woman  You Always Wanted To Be.  You can always start by booking a session with me!

Flash Boudoir Sale

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Beautiful Bri

December 30, 2014

What a Bombshell beauty this Woman is!  She had so much fun she’s coming back next month for her birthday!

The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and to not be afraid to shine amongst those who don’t.  This amazing woman didn’t have to say much to show me who she really was.  You can clearly see from these photos that she is a power house of strength and beauty from the inside out!

The ball is about to drop , so get your sparkle on ladies! It’s a new year, and a new you!

And Don’t miss out flash boudoir sale!

From now through this Wednesday, 12/31/14, Boudoir Los Angeles is having a Flash Boudoir Sale!

Book an intimates photo shoot by Wednesday, New Year’s Eve, at Midnight and receive a $250 print credit to use on any of our amazing boudoir albums, boxes, prints and much more.  You can book a fabulous, life-changing photo session, then kiss your sweetheart at midnight to celebrate!  Or kiss yourself.  You deserve the love.

Editorial IntimatesEditorial Intimates

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Flash Boudoir Sale

December 29, 2014

boudoir flash saleHey Hot Stuff!  Now that you’ve gotten through the holidays and wowed everyone with your rad gift-giving prowess, it’s time to think of the next big date.  OK, take a breath first.  (I’ll wait… )  And GO!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a promotion, so I thought it would perfect timing for a flash boudoir sale with Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Whether you need to think of a unique, sexy gift for your significant other, or you just want to celebrate yourself, it’s time to capture the magic that is you for eternity.

From now through this Wednesday, 12/31/14, Boudoir Los Angeles is having a Flash Boudoir Sale!

Book an intimates photo shoot by Wednesday, New Year’s Eve, at Midnight and receive a $250 print credit to use on any of our amazing boudoir albums, boxes, prints and much more.  You can book a fabulous, life-changing photo session, then kiss your sweetheart at midnight to celebrate!  Or kiss yourself.  You deserve the love.

Boudoir Shoots are $395 at our Downtown Studio and $495 at our Gardena Studio.  Both three hour shoots come with professional hair and make-up plus three wardrobe changes.

All of our beautiful prints and products are à la carte.  Prints start at $195.  Albums and Boxes start at $900.

Just click on our book a shoot page and we will follow up with link to pay the $200 deposit to secure your boudoir shoot date under this promotion. We would be delighted to follow up with you as soon as we can to book your special date.

From all of us here at Boudoir Los Angeles, we hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday, and that you have a very Happy Sultry New Year!

boudoir packaging

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My Tribute to Kingston

December 25, 2014

Kingston July 9th 2011 – Dec 14th 2014


I know this is a boudoir blog, but none the less this is my blog and if I want to write about how much I loved my sweet dog, I’m going to.  It’s been a very rough and busy week.  I’ve been a total mess over the loss of my amazing dog and today on Christmas day, I just can’t help but feel the sadness over Kingston not being here.

We were suppose to go out last weekend get a tree and start decorating, but Kingston was hit by a speeding car right in front of our house on Saturday morning.  He died almost instantly and was the most tragic thing I have ever seen happen right before my eyes.  Needless to say, there is no tree, no decorations till last night, and getting in the Christmas spirit has been a challenge.  Christmas feels like a bust this year. Which is so hard for me to say because I’ve had the two best and busiest months of my life.  I’ve been severely sleep deprived and working 12-14 hour days, but I have been so blessed with so many amazing clients, so it’s hard for me to complain.

So for this to happen now, is just the pits.  I’m doing the best I can, but it’s jut been so hard to process.  With every loss I have in my life I have to find a way to turn it around, to make something that is so painful and horrible into something that beautiful and meaningful.  I have not figured out just how I am going to do it, but I had to write my Kingston a letter.  I had to let him know how much he meant to me. It just seemed like the right thing to do.  So here it is, my goodbye letter to the best dog I’ve ever known.

Kingston, my sweet baby boy, you had me from the moment I laid eyes on you.

I’ve never ever forgot the way you felt in my arms when I picked you up for the first time.  I wasn’t looking for a dog, I had never even thought about it, but there you were, staring at me with your big beautiful green eyes.  It was love at first sight.  I picked you up and in an instant it was decided, you were going to be mine.  I’ve never been drawn to an animal like I was drawn to you.  It was a strange overpowering force that could not be denied.  I put you in the car and our journey together began.

You quickly became the best decision I’ve ever made.  Waking up to your kisses, coming home to your love, running around in the mountains, cuddle sessions whenever I needed them.  You were perfect, my perfect little beast.  You came on all my photoshoots, showered my clients with your sensitive love.  Kingston you were my little angel.  I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

It’s been 10 painful days since I’ve kissed your sweet face and no words can describe this aching hole in my heart.  As I sit here and stare at this box of ashes that use to be my amazing dog, tears stream down my face and I want to know why.  Why now, why so young, why so fast, why you?  What I have to believe, is that everything happens for a reason, but whatever that reason is, is beyond my understanding right now, and so I have to make a promise to you that somehow, someway your death will not be in vain.  I will find a way to save more dogs lives and find more dogs homes. That is my promise to you.

Thank you Kingston for blessing my life with so much love, you were my best friend and will be buried in my heart forever.

And for all you out there, I wish you a beautiful day today full of peace and love. I do have one Christmas wish,  if you have an animal in your home, please go wrap your arms around them and tell them how much you love them.

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Boudoir Packaging

December 22, 2014


I have spent years developing the perfect boudoir photography product line.  There’s been a great deal of trial and error in finding the best of the boudoir west.  Annual trips to international photo conferences keep me on the cutting edge.  Only the latest, top-of-the-line products will do for my clients!

I have been working ‘round the clock like Santa’s most diligent little elf.  All the magical bags you see below are from a very busy month.  I am so thrilled to deliver all these beautiful boudoir albums and boxes to my clients.  These one of a kind products will be enjoyed for a lifetime.  What an immensely satisfying fantastic feeling!  It might be labor, but it is a labor of love.

Here at Boudoir Los Angeles, we love serving up a little dose of pixelated magic to our community. Boudoir seeks to draw out the sexiest, most confident, very best versions of us.  In the spirit of the season, we ask, “What do you want for Christmas?”

There is this constant nagging in our day-to-day lives about the stuff we feel we “need.”  Whether it’s a last-minute trip to the grocery store (NEED cookie dough) or the online shopping app for which we receive push notifications (factory closeout on shoes, anyone?), it’s not difficult to find a reason to buy something at the drop of a hat.  And the list only gets longer when December rolls around.  By the end of the holidays, a break is really what’s needed.

What if Christmas could be spent discovering something about yourself that you never knew, or how about trying something for the very first time?  Instead of another material item, what you really deserve this year is an experience all your own.  An experience that will last forever is a gift that keeps on giving.

This Christmas, amidst the chaotic hustle, step outside of it all to take time to celebrate you— your wishes, your gifts, and your beauty. Boudoir is here to wrap you in the finest of finery and present you with all your best angles.  Revel in and relish all the fabulousness that is you.  From all of us here, we wish you a Berry Boudoir Christmas to be treasured for eternity!

If you are still seeking that perfect gift for your sister, your girlfriend, or hey, even your mama, contact Boudoir Los Angeles today for one of our beautiful boudoir gift cards.

XX, Marisa

boudoir packagingboudoir packagingboudoir packagingboudoir packagingboudoir packagingboudoir packaging

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