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Do what you love

October 14, 2014

And Love what you do…

Is how I was raised. I was always told that I could do whatever  I wanted and if I followed my heart the money would follow.

My mother is my biggest fan and if I go back to my clear memory of when this message was first instilled in me, funny enough, was THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD. She would read that book over and over to me and it has been a staple in my life.

When I found photography it was when I was going through a very troubled time in my life. My family had moved from Los Altos California to Boise, Idaho when I was going into high school. I had to leave all my best friends behind which seemed like at the time the worst thing in the world. How could she?  I became displaced this strange place and the next three years were about making my mother miserable and relabeling against the world. In this time in my life I wanted to nothing more than to grow up and be a dancer. That’s all I had done since I was 6, and that was my dream. After searching high and low for a competitive dance team that was at my level, it soon became clear, that dream was dying.

I believe my salvation was my camera. I needed a creative outlet and once I found photography, I was inspired again. That inspiration let me to see beauty in everything that surrounded me. As soon as realized how good it felt to be able to express myself again and that I could do it through the way I saw the world, a new dream was born.

Not very many people get to do what they love or ever even find their true passion in life. I am deeply grateful I get to wake up everyday and create something new. If there is ONE message that I could share or inspire, it would be to follow your dreams. Life is about creation and the more we can share ourselves, our dreams, our passion, the brighter the world becomes. I had no idea how I would make a living doing what I loved but I made the choice that I would rather do what I love and risk failing than looking back and regretting. Failure is only failure if you don’t try. The more we pick ourselves up from my mistakes the stronger we become. You have to the power to create the life you want! Be the master! Everyday is a new chance to live the life you love.

xx Marisa

roof top boudoir

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Boudoir Gift Cards

October 13, 2014

Happy Monday Lovely People!

I know it may seem way to early to be talking about Christmas, but if you are considering gifting your special someone with a some very special intimate editorials, then you must think ahead.

I am booked about three weeks out right now and my November weekends are almost all gone. If you wanted to have your gorgeous art in hand for the holidays you would have to book a boudoir session by mid November.

I’m must say, Intimate photography is one of the best gifts to yourself and for your special someone. How can you go wrong with a double gift! It’s an empowering and amazing experience and it is one you will never regret!   Boudoir Los Angeles pampers you and provides a safe and fun place to unleash and release your unique beauty in a new way.

Call us today to ask questions or book a session. Every woman deserves a beautiful photograph of herself, right?!! You can also purchase one of our lovely boudoir gift cards for your someone special. You can really give this gift to anyone. Your best friend, or a girlfriend that has just gone through some big changes and needs a little pick me up. Give it to your mom! Why not, she’s sexy too! And please note I do shoot dudeoir and I’m very excited about it.  I shot a couples dudeoir session as few weeks ago and I knocked it out of the park. I actually got a marvelous review from my boyfriend. He said,  “those are the non gayest gay shots I’ve ever seen”. I mean, it does not get better coming from him.

Intimate photography celebrates change and embraces the moment. If you are anything like me, you look back on photos of yourself 10 years ago and time has gone by so fast…. And you remember what you were worried about then, and now it means nothing and you wish you could have told your old self how amazing you were at that very moment. The more we tell ourselves we love ourselves, the brighter we become and that’s the goal, right! To illuminate the world with light. That’s true beauty! You are beautiful, you are strong, you are whole, complete and perfect just as you are. So be it.

Also, if you would like to visit my new studio and do some early holiday shopping we are having a very special gifting event this weekend.  It’s going to be A Red Carpet Boutique with some serious exclusive shopping and I’ll be selling my boudoir gift cards at a discount. We have some amazing Partners that will be there like, Jen & Kim shoesLouis Verdad, Frankie Rose Cosmetics, of course L’Chariyve Trenchcapades which are some of the sexiest jackets I’ve ever seen. And if you have never tried John Kelly Chocolates, you are missing out!  There will be many more Partners and there will be food, cocktails, prizes, raffles and you can even strike a pose with me.  It’s going to be fabulous!

I’d love to meet you, so if you would like to come and you are in Los Angeles, please do email me and I’ll send you the invite.




boudoir gift cardintimate gift card

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Boudoir State of Mind: Dancing Muses

October 8, 2014

“You dance love, you dance joy, you dance dreams.” – Grace Kelley

I have been fascinated with the way the human body moves for my entire life. The beauty of motion, and being able to freeze a dynamic moment in time, is one of the reasons why I fell in love with Boudoir photography. Recently I’ve been privileged to meet and work with so many extraordinary women, many of whom are professional dancers, and their ability to hush a room with the grace of their movement is an inspiration to me.

Dance and Boudoir have a common thread, they’re both incredibly empowering. Dance has always been synonymous with freedom, because it’s impossible to dance or watch someone dancing without your soul being uplifted. Boudoir has a similar expression of liberation.

When you really dance, you lay yourself bare. You leave your inhibited self, with all your fears and insecurities, along the side and let yourself be swept away by the rush of air in your face and the exhilaration of movement. You move with the music and you feel the layers that held you back just fall away.

In Boudoir, you shake off the clothes that belong to the self that you have to wear every day, and step into the person that you really are. It’s a place of freedom, of acceptance, or understanding your worth.

Your body, your mind, and your soul are all interconnected. If you honor yourself, you have to honor all three. When you dance, you align every part of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you think you have “two left feet” or if you’ve never danced before. Just letting yourself give way to music is healing and empowering in ways that it’s difficult to express, it must simply be experienced.

It is your birthright to be empowered, as a woman, you can be free. You just have to take the first few steps, no matter how shaky, and let that freedom take you over.

Melissa dances for my favorite burlesque group The Lalas and this little dance video is the first of a fun new personal dance project I’m working on.

Let me know what you think!!



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Inspire Your Halloween Mood

October 3, 2014

Inspire Your Halloween Mood with A Sexy Boudoir Themed Shoot

Even though I’m here in sunny Los Angeles (where it’s expected to be in the 90s later today and the rest of this week), I still can’t help but feel excited about the rest of this month. I can’t wait for cooler weather, my first pumpkin spiced latte and to pick out my costume for one my favorite holidays of the year, Halloween. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve jumped at any opportunity to get all dressed up in crazy outfits and costumes. One of the great joys of being a Boudoir photographer, is that I get to have this kind of fun on a regular basis, and see my clients have this kind of fun too.

But Halloween is special, because women are more willing to be a little more daring and bold. It’s like they have been waiting for this holiday the entire  year to unleash there wild and sexy self. 

Boudoir Masquerade

I have this incredible room in my Boudoir studio, it’s like a glamour dungeon straight out of Phantom of the Opera or 50 Shades of Grey.  It’s easily my favorite room in the house, just because it has so much potential.

Having a room like this just sets my imagination whirring as naughty themed Boudoir shoots with props become a wonderful possibility. If you’ve always dreamed of having your fabulous self photographed on red velvet cushions while wearing sexy costumes, this is absolutely the room for you.

What’s even more fun is that you don’t have to go it solo, you can have a full Boudoir Masquerade party.

Halloween Boudoir Parties

What better way to spend the season of Halloween then getting glammed up with a few of your closest friends?

Combine hors d’oeuvres, champagne, professional hair and makeup, and a dark sense of style – and you’ve created the Halloween party of your life. Because in the Boudoir dungeon, you and your friends can be anyone you want to be. Sound amazing? Book a Boudoir session or part with me today and find out for yourself.

themed boudoir shoot themed boudoir shoot

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Boudoir Muses

October 1, 2014

There has always been something I’ve loved about the word muse. It could be because women have been an inspiration in my creative process since I picked up a camera or maybe I simply just love the idea of being a-mused in all areas of my life.

Inspiration has always been at the heart of everything I do. I cannot stand the thought of being bored or being around bored people. Life is too short not to search for magic around every corner. I’ve found that the more you expect it to show up the more it does. It happens to me almost everyday. Watching women come alive right in front of my lens is what keeps me up creating all hours of the night, it’s what has me working 14 hour days, it’s the fuel that gets me up every day to do it all over again.

A muse is always looking deeper, within herself, and with others, ultimately revealing a passion for life that is contagious. The light she’s sees in herself spreads and illuminates to the world around her. People are drawn and inspired by her because she has an energy that intoxicating. She would much rather be interested than interesting…

 If you want to be your own muse I encourage you to view the world with new eyes if you have lost that sparkle. Learn something new, challenge yourself with something you have been scared to do, and open your eyes to the magic that is right in front of you. Life is so a-musing isn’t it?

Here are some of my favorites boudoir muses 

boudoir muses

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