Month: October, 2014

Miss Malibu

October 30, 2014

A couple years ago I photographed all 50 contestants for the annual Miss Malibu competition. I shot all of them in a two crazy fun days. I don’t think I ever blogged them up before so I thought it would be fun to bring a few of my favorites back to life. I must have gone through about 500 poses on each of those days. Miss Malibu was a fun challenge for me because I have never shot 25 girls on the beach in one day. I had to move quick and and I had to nail each one in less than 10 min. That can be hard when you are working with normal girls that don’t know their body that well and are having a had time posing and being natural. I needed to coach them quickly and effectively to get them relaxed and to get that sweet shot.

Shooting on the beach is seriously tough work. Who does not want to shoot sexy girls on the beach, but seriously, the wind, the sand, the harsh light, the glare. Ugh.. Especially on a windy day! Stay aways or ruin your gear or have proper casing.

Thank god for shade! I used the bridge a lot during yucky mid day flat light and it saved me. I wanted to use all natural light, so I diffused the light with a 5×5 silk and when I was in the sun and I bounced it with a silver reflector to give the nice pop in the eyes.

Miss Malibu was a blast to shoot and I’m so happy I got the chance to do it. I was able to train my skills on setting up shots fast. It only made me a better photographer, a better poser and of course these lovely photographs.

If you have always wanted to shoot on the beach, I’m your girl! Book a shoot

Side Note. I’d like do something a little sexier too so I need a client that wants to go for it! You should be it!

miss malibu photoshoshoot

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Boudoir At Any Age

October 26, 2014

Seriously why not? A women deserves a beautiful photograph of herself at all the wonderful stages of her life. I think we need to celebrate age and all that comes with it instead of dreading that next mile stone birthday. I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not going to pretend I’m good at this aging thing. New lines on my face make me angry and as a woman in her mid 30’s, things are beginning to change. It really does take some getting use to. I often need to remind myself, that age is just a number and as long as I take good care of myself I can be sexy at every age.

When women like Susan, who by the way will soon be 60 come to me to do some boudoir photos for her boyfriend, I just feel so lucky. Lucky that I get to do what I do, lucky that I have such beautiful clients that inspire me, and lucky that I get to make women feel excited and in love with all that they are. Having beautiful portraits done of yourself is a wonderful thing and I want to be giving this gift to women at every age for the rest of my life.

Amazing women like Susan remind me how important it is to take care of yourself! She is a perfect example of a woman that takes care of her skin, stays out of the sun, she has been working out her entire life and maintains a healthy diet. These four staples is the fountain of youth. If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you when you do this you end up like Susan.

Thank you Susan for being an inspiration to me and all the other women out there and also showing the world what it really looks like have a heathy, strong, and smart lifestyle! No wonder you have that hot sexy younger new boyfriend in your life.

It’s know it’s not easy but it’s worth every bit of it! And lastly, thank you for reminding me that boudoir at any age is a fabulous idea!

boudoir at any age

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The new me

October 25, 2014

Good lord, getting a good photo of me can be somewhat challenging. I know… you’re thinking really, that’s just silly. But trust me it’s ever so true. Here’s a secret, I really hate being in front of the camera. And now that I really think about it, I’ve never really had a great photographer pose me or shoot me, so maybe that’s it. Either way, I make strange and funny faces and I just want to laugh at myself.

What’s even worse is a moving camera. It’s really ridiculous actually.  I turn into a strange, awkward version of myself.  I’m really trying to get better though. I obviously can’t become and international world renowned brand without mastering this, so I have to practice, practice and do a lot more practicing.  I’m sure I’ll do some failing, but I’m bound to get better a little bit more each time.

It’s been a pretty exciting year for me. So many wonderful new opportunities, new friends and strange magic. It all seems to be falling together and I’ve never felt so alive and inspired. I’ve been listening to podcasts and books on tape obsessively and learning more than I can process. I’m hooked and I think I’ve learned more in the last year than the last 5 put together.

It’s been a crazy ride, but I’ve been following my bliss for the last 15 years. I’ll never forget when I made up my mind to become a photographer. It feels like yesterday. I was studying abroad in Europe and I showed up for the first day of class and I was bored out of my mind. I was like, screw thiiiiis, I’m transferring to the art school, even though no one had done that before. I decided this was going to happen and it did. Funny how that works! I was the first american to get into their photography program. I was a rock star. Not really, but I thought I was pretty cool.

This is were it all happened, when I really decided I would make a living and taking portraits of people. I wondered the streets of London, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and many more with camera in hand, falling in love with the world around me in a whole new way. It’s been quite a journey since then. Photography has taught me so much about myself and I could never give up on it, it’s the compass to my soul.

Anyhow, a long lead into, the new me…. The next best thing is always around the corner, don’t ever give up!

My amazing talented boyfriend took these of me last weekend at that lovely gifting event at my new studio. One of the designers let me play dress up with his couture gowns. Not so bad, right! I’m so lucky to have boyfriend that knows his way around a camera. He usually hates taking photos of me because I’m so picky, but he came through this time, thank god.



marisa leighmarisa leigh

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Sexy Posing

October 25, 2014

A well posed photograph seems like it would be an easy thing to do, right? Not so much! It’s taken me 10 years to be uber doober confident in how I pose women, especially all shapes of women. It’s one thing to pose a model that’s a size 0 and another to pose even a 4, or 6 and then an 8. It takes years of practice and knowing what sexy posing to do with each body type.

Of course I am always learning something new and discovering unique poses that I have not tried before. Every boudoir photo shoot I do, I work with my clients to find images and poses that they are inspired by. I want to get my clients involved in the creative process. Once they have pulled images that they are excited about, then I have a better understanding of what they like and how they want to be shot. Do they like soft light, hard light, black and white more than color, do they like the super sexy posing or do they like it toned down a bit. I want to find out as much information I can, as I’ll always navigate through a shoot with more fluidity when I know what I am going for.

Once I have all this figured out, I can create something truley original for each of my clients. And that’s really the ultimate goal for me! No cookie cutter bullshit, no doing the same things with each client. Every client is unique and so should their photoshoot.

If you have not check out my pinterest board, you totally should. There is a ton of inspiration on there for sexy posing, lighting, beauty, and much much more!

I am working on a couple of posing guides that will be available on my blog hopefully soon! Holiday season is coming up and it’s about to get craaaaazzzzy!

There’s a ton of sexy posing all throughout my website, so hang out for a bit, look around, say hello!

Little lovely Muse and I had so much fun! She was an angel to shoot and was open to doing all kinds of sorts of sassy, sexy poses. She just oozed sensuality! It’s always exciting when a client is just open minded and confident enough to try something new, something that might be a little naughty. It’s all about getting outside your comfort zone, yes? The answer should be YES! Just own it girl. Be bold, be wild, what do you have to loose? Other than your panties. haha

Thank you Beautiful Alisha for allowing me to post the super sexy photos and inspiring other women to do the same!

Happy Friday!



boudoir los angelessexy boudoirintimate portraitssexy boudoirboudoir los angelessexy boudoirsexy boudoirsexy boudoir

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Editorial Intimates

October 21, 2014

If only I could use this instead of boudoir. It has such a nicer ring to it. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of the word boudoir. 

I have a hard time saying I’m a boudoir photographer. Honestly it just sounds a little cheese balls. I know you probably think I’m crazy and you are probably asking why on earth would I call my business boudoir los angeles, If I hated the word. Well people, it’s all about seo! This is what people search and if I want to get to the front page of google, the name of your site matters a lot.

I prefer to use the term Editorial Intimates, because that is what I do. I am not your average boudoir photographer. I am unique, my work is unique and if you have searched the internet for boudoir photography you should understand what I am talking about. There is some really horrible, tacky, and just strait up bad shit out there and that is what most people think of that when you say the word boudoir. I’m not being mean, I’m just being honest.

My editorial Intimates are tasteful, modern and edgy. I’m always pushing the envelope of what I do and because I have a very strong education in photography, so my expectations are very high. I want to be the best at what I do and I’m looking for ways to grow as an artist everyday. My inspiration is Ellen Von Unwurth, Sarah Moon, Lillian Bassman, Mario Testino, and Irving Penn, just to name a few. I look at iconic work and model my work after the greats. When I look back at my work 20, 30, 60 years from now, I don’t want it to look like it’s gone out of style. Classic work never will!

My goal here with boudoir los angeles is to bring awareness to the term editorial intimates as a new type of intimate photography and I want to be the leader!

editorial intimates editorial intimates

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