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100mm for boudoir photography

August 15, 2014

Why the 100mm is one of the Lenses for Boudoir Photography 

Listen up ladies and gentleman!  I know how much you love your “nifty fifty” (or if you have a ƒ1.8, your “thrifty fifty”), but there’s a new contender in town for best Boudoir lens, and it is:

The 100mm!

I cannot begin to describe how much I absolutely adore this lens!  But I’m sure as hell going to try because if you aren’t using it, you’re missing out.

Obviously, being a creative Boudoir photographer doesn’t hinge on having this or that piece of equipment. There’s no such thing as the “right gear” for the job.  But there are tools that are superior to others, and your choice of lens is absolutely one of them.

Why the 100mm is the Best Boudoir Lens 

Your Boudoir clients are a tableau of beautiful details – the curve of her spine, the length of her neck, the light in her eyes.  You want to capture these elements in all of their fabulousness, but sometimes you just can’t do that with a short focal length.

So why not just use a zoom lens?

Prime lenses make your shots deliberate and intentional.  They force you to frame your subject in such a way that flatters her.  Although telephoto lenses allow for some freedom of movement, I find that when I use them it’s easier to be lazy and not set up my shots as well as if I used a prime.

The reason why I love the 100mm (rather than the 85mm which is also a great lens, the 50mm, or something else) is because it’s a macro lens; it focuses on the important parts of your frame while deemphasizing the less important stuff.  You have better control of background, access to angelic light, and more of that enviable softness which always flatters your subjects.

Check out these shots I took with the lens.  Try it yourself, and be amazed by the results.

xx- Marisa

best boudoir lensbest boudoir lensbest boudoir lens

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Vinessa Shaw

August 13, 2014

Vinessa Shaw is one of the funniest human beings I have ever met! I loved every moment with her and I feel pretty damn lucky I got to meet her and work with her. She is known for roles like, Eyes Wide Shut, Yuma, and The Hills Have Eyes just to name a few! She is definitely one of the sexiest women I have ever photographed.

I’ve had the privilege of working with quite a few celebrities and I must admit there is something magical that happen when they get in front of the camera. Call it star power, charm, or whatever you want, they have a presence about them that fires me up! A lure that cannot be denied and I can see it, I can feel it, and I get to capture it. Vinessa Shaw is truly unique and I’ll never forget how fun it was just to be pull of her charisma.

Vinessa Shaw Vinessa Shaw

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In The Dungeon

August 12, 2014

You can be anybody you want to be.

We have ONE spot left for this Saturdays boudoir party at my new studio.
The session is $350, includes hair, make-up,  2-3 wardrobe changes and 2 lovely prints
($750 Value)
There will be snacks,champagne and I promise, you will have a blast!
I know you want to!!!
Email me for more details.

boudoir dungeon boudoir.dungeon

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The necessities

August 10, 2014

Sometimes for you boudoir photoshoot all you need is jewelry, heals and nothing else.

boudoir los angeles

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Letting Go of Stress

August 9, 2014

How to Use Unwanted Stress to Take Charge of Your Life 

Your pulse quickens, your breath comes faster, your focus becomes sharper – this is what happens when doses of the hormone Cortisol, the “stress” hormone, shoot through our bloodstream.

Stress is a dirty word in our society, yet everyone seems perpetually under the influence of its power. How about instead of fighting stress, why don’t we harness it’s empowering qualities for our benefit.

What? Harness the power of Stress?!


When things become overwhelming for me (as I have a tendency to add more to my plate than I ought to) the first thing I do is stop. At the first signs of stress, it’s essential to recognize the reason why you feel stressed, and acknowledge it for what it is. Becoming fully present will take the negative aspect of stress and flip it on its head, so you can focus.

Next, respond to your feelings positively. Since you’re beginning to focus, channel that motivation into something productive. Write out a priority-heavy list. Add three headers:

Things that MUST get Done

Things that SHOULD get Done

Things that can WAIT 

Put it all out there, and if, once you see it laid out before you, you don’t feel calmer, become more honest about the list. You are not a superhero.

Sometimes we cause more stress for ourself than we need because that’s our brains’ way of tricking us into panicking and giving up before we even get started. Don’t let your stress levels reach that far.

Channel that sharpness into focus, and watch how productivity takes over.

Remember, you aren’t meant to be controlled by stress, you are meant to be EMPOWERED. So instead of falling victim to the paralytic effects that stress can cause, change your perspective, and use that unwanted stress to take charge of your life.

Have a Wonderful stress free weekend!



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